Sunday, December 12, 2021

Shortbread Shakedown by Sofia Aves

Today's book shakes things up a bit. Enjoy!

About the book

A package determined to derail his scheduled future delivered by a mystery woman. A tiny note hints at who she is—and how to find her.

When veteran and acting Brigadier General Dominic Cage returns from deployment days before Christmas, he's unprepared for the shortbread cookies pressed into his hands in a case of mistaken identity by a stunning woman. Unable to forget her, Cage trusts Violet's promise of a true Christmas—until the lines of his reality blur.

Damaged and resolute, and unable to escape the gunfire that haunts him, Cage's choice could cost them everything.

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Peek between the pages

The girl checked over her shoulders with wide eyes, her hair flying at all angles.

“It’s fine,” I held up my hands, palms open, “it happened.” Attempting to cover my ass with a smile, as if I hadn’t just tried to kiss her in the middle of a crowded airport.

She blinked at me. “I’m sorry.”

Sharp corners poked into my palm, a crinkling at waist level diverted my attention to the small package she pressed into my hands. I curled my fingers around it by reflex. In a flurry of honey-colored curls, she disappeared into the crowd that closed over her path.

I hefted the small bag, examining the shortbread cookies wrapped in cellophane. A tiny, yellow ribbon was tied at the top in a neat knot, and a little handmade tag sat to one side. A jaunty sprig of holly propped it up.

To Max, love Violet.

The crowd swelled, disguising her retreat. Carols cranked over the loudspeaker system, overriding the chatter of hundreds of people stuffed into a too—small space.

Plastic reindeer held me with their fixed stare as I pushed my way to where I thought she had headed, her scent dissipating into the crowd around us. I barely registered the man who appeared next to me, taking my bag from my shoulder. My driver introduced himself to deaf ears.

All I wanted was to find the honey-blonde curls of the woman who had ghosted into my life and disappeared.

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