Saturday, December 11, 2021

Kris's Kringles by Linda Bleser


Today's chookie romance is Kriss Kringles by Linda Bleser. 


Christmas hasn't been the same since Kris Miller's beloved grandmother passed. Every year, she made him a special batch of cookies she named Kris's Kringles. So when he discovers the local cookie contest will publish the winning entry, it seems the perfect legacy to honor her. Unfortunately, there's no record of the secret Kringle recipe.

Single mom, Sophie Lawson's new catering business is barely making ends meet. The opportunity to recreate Kris's grandmother's recipe from memory is almost as tempting as he is. She agrees to help on one condition--he'll have to bake them himself. She has her own entry and desperately needs the cash prize. But when they begin this friendly rivalry, they never expect their growing attraction to include consequences.

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"Pizza's here," Sophie's father shouted. He opened the front door and Sophie peeked into the living room. Her jaw dropped when she saw Kris in the doorway balancing two pizza boxes. "Hope you don't mind," he said. "I saw the delivery man in the driveway and took this off his hands. Took care of the bill too, if that's okay." Sophie's father clapped him on the back. "I like this guy."

"Come on in," Marilyn called. "Sophie's told me you'll be working together to develop a prize-winning cookie."

"I hope so," he said. "Where do you want this?"

"On the countertop," Sophie said, leading him into the kitchen. Kris set the pizza box on the counter then took a look at the various packages of flour, sugar and baking ingredients lined up on the other side. "Are you sure I gave you enough money for all this?"

"Plenty," she said, then reached for a package shoved behind a bag of confectioner's sugar. "I had a little left over and bought you this." She held out a black apron with red lips on the bib and the saying Kiss the Cook across the front."

Kris gave her an incredulous look. "You expect me to wear this?"

"Every good cook needs an apron." He wagged an eyebrow.

"And if I do, will you…?"

She grinned. "Don't push your luck. It was the only one they had."

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