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Chatting with PJ Gray

I'm excited to be chatting with PJ Gray, author of low comprehension fiction for emerging and reluctant readers of all ages. These books are perfect for mystery fans!

Please help me welcome PJ.

What inspired you to write this book?

The essence of the main character (Luna Garza) came to me in a dream. That had never occurred in my writing career. Once I began to develop her personality, the rest followed.

What are you working on now?

The first seven books in the series are being released this spring. I am currently working on number 10.

How did you come up with the concept and/or characters for the book?

I knew I wanted to write a mystery with supernatural elements. Once I realized that the main character was going to be a Nancy Drew, I knew the best setting would be a historical place/town. That kind of history is a wellspring for creativity.

Tell us about your main character.
Luna Garza, a tween growing up in small-town Ohio. Mysteries seem to find Luna and she can’t help but get pulled into solving them.

Tell us about the research you did before writing this book.

Research varies with each book in the series. Once the story is captured in outline form, I devote research time any historic elements that require accuracy.

Tell us three things we’d find if we looked under your heroine’s bed?

--a pair of new slippers
--her older and much-worn favorite slippers that she can’t seem let go
--a cookbook titled “Best Meatballs from Around the World” that she needs to return to the library

What are you reading?

Keep the Aspidistra Flying by George Orwell

Tell us about a book that stayed with you long after you finished reading it.

The Botany of Desire by Michael Pollan

Did anyone’s writing inspire you to become an author?
Too many to count

Guilt pleasure… books you can’t get enough of?


About the series
Series Title: Luna Garza: Accidental Detective (book series)
Author: PJ Gray
Genre: Supernatural Mystery

Blurb: Mysteries seem to find Luna Garza, a tween growing up in small-town Ohio. Luna can’t help but get pulled into solving them. Middle school readers will love following Luna as she digs into the puzzling occurrences that arise during her everyday life in an all-American town.

Learn more and buy links

About the author: PJ Gray is an author of low comprehension fiction for emerging and reluctant readers of all ages. His writing career has included television writing, magazine editing, ghost writing, blogging, research, food writing and editing, cookbook publishing as well as storytelling. He currently resides in Chicago, Illinois.

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Book Tour & Review: Green Go, Red Stop! by Tara Hill-Starks

I'm delighted to be a host for the Green Go, Red Stop! book tour hosted by Goddess Fish Tours. Tara Hill-Starks will be awarding a $10 Amazon or Barnes and Noble GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour!

Green GO, Red STOP!
by Tara Hill-Starks
GENRE: Children's


JJ and his friend CC venture out into the neighborhood on their bikes. They meet friends and encounter life challenges that make them think about their choices. JJ and CC must make decisions based on kindness, helping others, and honesty. JJ is guided by his fascination of traffic lights and the valuable life lessons his adoring and wise grandmother taught him. Along the way, JJ remembers what he has learned. Will JJ and CC make good choices?

Green GO, Red STOP! is an interactive and fun read for children to learn and understand the concepts of character traits and how important they are in life. The question to the young reader is Green GO, Red STOP! What YOU gonna do off top?


Peek between the pages

We see my elderly neighbor unloading groceries from his car.
He drops the bag and his groceries go everywhere.
He is unable to pick up all the groceries from the ground.
He looks sad. He needs help.

Green GO, Red STOP!

What YOU gonna do off top?

CC and I jump off our bikes to help him.
We gather all the groceries and put everything back in the grocery bag.
My neighbor gives each of us a big red apple to thank us for helping him. “Yummy!”

My Thoughts

Green Go, Red Stop! is infused with friendship and kindness. JJ's grandmother has taught him the importance of caring and affection and he shares these lessons with his friend CC. Together, they show readers how rewarding it can be to choose kindness. The prose and illustrations in this beautiful picture book are delightful.  

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About the author:
Tara Hill-Starks is an education professional with a flair for all things business. A North Carolina native, she has a master’s degree in business administration and is a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Tara shows her grateful and compassionate heart by helping and giving to others. She enjoys living at the beach with her husband and son.

Her first book, Grandma, I Got This! is inspired by teachings she received from her maternal grandmother as a young child. Her second book, Green GO, Red STOP! is enthused by her young son and his love for the outdoors. Both works capture valuable life lessons young children can learn.

Joseph Starks III, the son of the author, is portrayed by the character JJ in Green GO, Red STOP! As an energetic boy, he finds enjoyment in nature and exploring the outdoors by riding his bike through the neighborhood. On the way to and from school each day, JJ shouts “Green GO, Mommy!” when the light is green and “Red STOP, Mommy!” when the light turns red. His joy and enthusiasm are delightful, inspiring the author to create the title and adventures in the book.

Thursday, March 24, 2022

Chatting with author Colleen L Donnelly

I'm delighted to have Colleen Donnelly with me today. She shared the inspiration behind The Lady's Arrangement, a book that stayed with her, and what makes her laugh out loud. Plus there's an excerpt from her latest book.

What inspired you to write this book?

In my younger and more agile days, I took on the project of restoring an old, one-room schoolhouse in Kansas. Located on one acre and surrounded by fields and prairie, I was surprised at the amount of history I discovered regarding that small parcel of land. Its deed read like a novel with names and stories of people who had owned the property long before I came along, some transactions carrying the signature of Abraham Lincoln even. But the one that caught my eye was of the wife and children of a man who bought it and then unfortunately died. She appealed to Kansas to keep the property, but state law forbade widows any rights to land left behind by their deceased husbands. This woman made more than one appeal to keep the property, but Kansas awarded it to another man in the end, and she and her children were forced to leave.

Tell us about a book that stayed with you long after you finished reading it.

“The Monk” written by Matthew Lewis in 1796. Lewis was only nineteen when he wrote this book, and some deem it the first Gothic Horror story. If it was true horror as we think of it today, I wouldn’t have been able to read it, but this story is about the inner horror of a man believed and aspiring to be the epitome of good, when inside he is tormented by lust and evil.

What makes you laugh out loud?

I’m sorry. This is awful, but I laugh when someone, even myself, trips and falls. Without hurting anything other than their pride, of course. My husband holds the record for the longest fall, and therefore my longest giggle, when he tried unsuccessfully to keep his balance for innumerable yards before he tumbled into the dirt. It has been deemed the 90-Yard Fall in our family as we often recount his cartoonish efforts to keep upright and defy gravity.

Just reading the story had me laughing out loud! Thanks so much for being here!  

About the Book

The Lady’s Arrangement
Author: Colleen L Donnelly
Genre: Historical Romance


Neither Rex nor Regina wants a spouse, but they do have needs.

Ranger Rex Duncan needs a false identity—just long enough to uncover a ring of Kansas ranch thieves. Answering Regina’s ad for a temporary husband, he leaves his beloved red dirt of Oklahoma to assume that disguise. But the most obstinate woman he’s ever known confounds his assignment, and with hair the red color that has always made his heart beat a little faster.

Regina Howard needs a new Mrs. in front of her name—just long enough to reclaim her deceased husband’s ranch, since Kansas law won’t allow women to own property. When Rex answers her ad for a husband who can take orders as part of a brief business arrangement, she finds this stubborn man ignores her every command. Yet a good man is far more than just a name…

Grab your copy
Amazon   |  Goodreads  |  BookBub

Peek between the pages

Ben was tall, and he felt even taller as he took a step closer and leaned my way. “It takes two to bind a contract, and since I’ve just withdrawn, your arrangement is null and void. And just so you know, you can thank your lucky stars I’m not staying to marry you, because I take surprises a lot better than I take orders.” His eyes stayed on mine until his gaze traveled from my face down to my boots. “And wearing trousers doesn’t make you any more suited to giving orders than wearing a skirt would make me fit for giving birth.”

My nails dug into my palms as I rolled my hands into fists. A word I’d heard Ted say when a pail slid off his bad arm came to mind. The word was immoral, but probably not too immoral for Ben Miller. “Just so you know, Mr. Miller, I’ve been running this ranch for three weeks now, in pants. I find skirts get in the way of things you’d probably be surprised I can do.”

The half-smile returned. “I won’t argue that. Skirts surely do get in the way.” Ben straightened and slapped his hat tighter on his head. “Been my experience, too. Fortunately, neither one of us has to put up with one, since you can keep right on doing things the way you have been. I’m giving you an early parting. I’m leaving.”

About the author:
Born and raised in the Midwest, Colleen studied and worked in science, using that career to travel and explore other parts of the country. An avid fan of literature, both reading and writing, she loves tales involving moral dilemmas and the choices people come up against. A lover of the outdoors as well as a comfy living room, Colleen is always searching inside and out for the next good story.

Connect with Colleen
Website  |  Facebook  |  Goodreads  |  Amazon

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Book Blitz & Giveaway: Zealot by C. Vonzale Lewis

I'm thrilled to be a part of Zealot by C. Vonzale Lewis Book Blitz organized by Xpresso Book Tours. C. Vonzale Lewis will be awarding a $25 Amazon gift card plus an ebook copy of Lineage to a randomly drawn winner.


C. Vonzale Lewis
(Blood and Sacrifice Chronicles, #2)
Published by: Parliament House
Publication date: March 22nd 2022
Genres: Adult, Fantasy

Nicole Fontane thought her demons were buried deep enough. She was wrong.

After barely escaping the blood bath of the Harvest ritual, Nicole and her vigilante compatriots learn that there are others practicing blood magick on Tulare Island.

Hired to rid the island of the remaining blood magick users, Nicole and her allies come face to face with The Better Day Church and the mysterious Young Family, whose nefarious behavior is well known on the island. The murky organization stirs old memories of a cult buried deep in the Louisiana bayou—flickers of Nicole’s traumatic past and the altar she barely escaped.

But when Nicole receives an invitation to the Young family’s private residence to attend a secret meeting with The Daughters of the Vine—an elusive sect of women led by Gavina Young—she knows there is no escaping her fraught history with cults.

The invite is clearly a trap, but it’s also an opportunity to take down the church. Nicole soon learns that the sickness lurking behind the walls of the Young family’s manor runs far deeper than the banal allure of blood magick. The church’s matriarch harbors a predatory interest in Nicole’s power—barely disguising her desire to harness it.

Nicole must unravel the mysteries of her newfound abilities, or her first job may be her last. Worst of all, she may end up on the altar again.

Goodreads / Amazon


“For those who read Lineage, be prepared for Zealot’s wild ride…The twists were great, the writing fabulous…It’s a sequel not to be missed!”
– Candace Robinson, Best Selling Author of the Faeries from Oz series.

“Ms. Lewis kept us on a fast track with everything that was happening.”

–Rita Smith, Goodreads Reviewer

“Could. NOT. Put. It. DOWN!!!”
–Kelli Lea, Goodreads Reviewer

“This story is full of exciting twists, turns and mystery sure to suck in many avid readers.”
–Elizabeth Chapson, Goodreads reviewer

“A definite must read.”
–Thomas Lake, Goodreads reviewer

“I love this series.”
–Shell Moore, Goodreads reviewer

“Lacing magic and demons, the author takes us on a freefall ride of terror and violence as Nicole and her friends take on the monsters that hide and feed on the innocent.”
– Dave Wickenden, Author of Homegrown


Author Bio:

My name is Carla Vonzale Lewis and I like my martinis shaken… never stirred.

Carla was born in Georgia, but please don’t mistake her for a Georgia peach. She’s more like a prickly pear. Speaking of being born, someone asked her recently if she remembered her birth. And she had to say, “Yes, I do remember that handsy doctor pulling me out into the cold. Right Bastard!!!”

Despite being born in the South, she grew up in California. Every once in a great while she gets to experience all four seasons. But mostly, it’s just heat.

When not writing, Carla enjoys reading, binge watching shows on Netflix, and trying to convince her husband that getting a dog is a wonderful idea.

And one day, she will discover how many licks it actually takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / Bookbub / Pinterest / TikTok

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Chatting with author Roxanne Dunn

I'm delighted to welcome author Roxanne Dunn to my blog and to tell you about her latest book Murder Undetected. Let's start with a speed round, which is always a fun way to get to know someone. 

Speed round

Morning or night? Night owl, definitely

Favorite food? Chocolate croissants

Favorite movie? African Queen

Favorite book? Citizen Vince

Last book read? Hotel Pastis

Black or white? Black AND white

Stilettos or flipflops or sneakers? Flipflops in Maui

Favorite song? Unchained Melody

Cake, cookies, or pie? Chocolate chip cookies

Favorite thing to do to relax? Read

Roxanne shared a couple of photos with us. She took these photos while doing research in Provence. The hilltop town in Murder Undetected is fictional, but it resembles these photos. They are stunning! And I can already see Brittany Thornton looking out over the town and strolling through the cobblestone streets wearing that big floppy hat on the cover.


St. Paul de Vance

About the Book

Murder Undetected
Author: Roxanne Dunn
Genre: Suspense


This fast-paced mystery spans the globe with suspense, action, and thrills. Newly minted psychologist Brittany Thornton thinks she has her life all dialed in, but when her husband is arrested for fraud and the FBI seizes all her assets, she loses everything, including her confidence.

Troubles follow her from Seattle to a village in the south of France, where the town’s darling is getting away with murder, and only Brittany suspects her. Will she trust her instincts and put herself in danger to stop her?

Grab your copy!

Peek between the pages

“The rumor flying around Chevalier is that you tried to blackmail Viane. I know you’re a little crazy.” Arielle winked. “But not that nuts.”

“Actually, I did.”

Arielle’s eyebrows shot up. “Seriously?”

“Seriously. I hoped if I could get hush money from her it would be tantamount to an admission of guilt, something I could take to the gendarmes.”

“That’s brilliant. So, now the whole town thinks you pushed her down the stairs because she refused to pay you.”

“They’re wrong. I didn’t push her. I kicked her.”

“Brittany Ann Thornton, where are your manners?”

About the author :
The author of Murder Unrehearsed and Murder Undetected, Roxanne Dunn has studied writing in Paris and Seattle and writes the galley column for Pacific Yachting magazine.

She lives on an island in the Pacific Northwest where she volunteers as a writer for Wild Orca,, an organization committed to saving the endangered Southern Resident killer whales, and leads weekly beach cleanups.

Roxanne is a retired physical therapist, a foodie, a fanatic about good chocolate, and a private pilot. She lived aboard an old wood motor yacht for seventeen years, and in her dreams, is a pianist of renown, an acceptable water color artist, and a globe-trotting yogini.

Connect with Roxanne Dunn

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News, Updates, and a Couple Giveaways

Do you observe daylight savings time where you are? Did you remember the clocks spring forward this past weekend? I'll admit, I'm very glad my phone adjusts the time automatically. No more having to remember to change the time on my clocks. 

I wanted to take a few minutes to share updates and news with you. Plus, there are two exciting giveaways to enter.

Let's start with the news and updates...

I had hinted at some exciting news that includes Merry Little Wishing Sprtiz's Cassie Moore and her best friend, Peyton Woods. Well, I'm delighted to announce that these modern-day witches will be back in Salted Caramel Blitz and a Wedding Kiss. This book stars Peyton and will be a part of The Wild Rose Press One Scoop or Two series. It will be out sometime this summer, and I couldn't be more delighted. 

I'm also happy to be able to say that the first round of edits for my newest middle-grade fantasy Atticus Everheart Fifth Grade Tutor…and Monster Hunter are done and back to my editor. 

And there are two exciting giveaways to enter...

Friends to the End is currently on tour. Each stop is a new guest post, interview, or review. There are excerpts and a giveaway. 

Click here to visit Gina Rae Mitchell's blog to learn the inspiration behind the book, find the full tour schedule, and enter the giveaway for a chance to win a $15 Amazon or Barnes & Noble gift card.

I’m excited to participate in N. N. Light’s Book Heaven’s Pot 'o Gold Book giveaway by offering an eCopy of Embrace

It's just one of over 50 prizes! Visit N.N. Light Book Heaven to learn all that will be offered this month.

Follow the link to enter the Pot o' Gold giveaway

That's all for me today. How's your month going? Read anything interesting lately? Do you have exciting news to share? Pop it in the comments. I'd love to hear from you!

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Chatty with author Terry Segan

I'm delighted to welcome Terry Segan, author of Precious Treasure, a paranormal mystery, to my blog. She answered a few questions and shared an excerpt. So without further ado, let's meet Terry. 

What inspired you to write this book?

I’ve always been intrigued with dual timeline books, which helped inspire Precious Treasure. While most of the story takes place in the present, the reader gets a glimpse into the life of a young, Confederate soldier through the journal entries woven into the chapters. I grew up on Long Island and found it to be the perfect setting for Janie, the main character. The majority of my research went into discovering details depicting the life of the soldier, William. I needed information about uniforms, battle locations and even food rations allocated during the Civil War. To get a flavor of how he would have spoken, I read samples of actual letters written by men during that time period.

What is your favorite genre and why?

My favorite genre to read is paranormal mysteries, followed second by thrillers. That’s probably why I’m drawn to craft stories in the same categories. When I say ‘paranormal,’ the term doesn’t only include vampires or werewolves. For me, I refer to ghosts, time travel, mysterious or unexplained objects and mystical places as well. A favorite book I’ve read several times is The Eight by Katherine Neville. It involves a dual timeline, a tenacious heroine, and a mystical chess set. Reading a book in which I can’t guess what’s coming next always lures me in.

What do you do when you’re not writing?

When I’m not writing, my favorite thing to do is travel. My last name in Russian means gypsy, so there might be something ingrained in my soul which drives me to wander. I can’t say I completely remove myself from writing during these times, as many of my settings or story ideas come from trips taken. In the last six months, I’ve been lucky enough to visit San Diego, Lake Havasu City (where the original London Bridge resides), Salt Lake City, the Oregon coast, and the Caribbean. My favorite mode of transportation is the back seat of my husband’s motorcycle. We can travel for hours without speaking a word to each other, as my mind is busy composing plots and working out scenes while enjoying the scenery as it slips past. Who knows where my next story may take the reader?

About the Book

Author: Terry Segan
Genre: Paranormal Mystery


Janie Holcomb prays for closure once the courts declare her missing husband dead. Instead, she's sent spiraling down a dangerous path.

When her lawyer delivers a package held in trust, she finds a cryptic warning along with a Civil War journal promising buried treasure. While seeking a connection between her spouse and the decades-old diary, Janie attracts the spirit of a Confederate soldier pleading for help.

Enlisting her brother's assistance to chase down clues, they discover that not everyone they know should be trusted. Janie overlooks potential threats when the promise of new love stirs her emotions. Will her digging uncover the answers she craves or doom her to a similar fate?

Grab your copy

Peek between the pages

Janie dragged herself out of bed and into the bathroom. Turning on the tap to fill the sink, she bent over and splashed cold water on her face. The refreshing drops rolled down her forehead, cheeks and chin, pulling her out of her funk. Sightless, Janie reached for the hand towel hanging nearby and dried her face as she stood upright. Opening her eyes, she leaned in to examine the damage of the late night on her complexion. Her reflection looked back, as well as that of a young man standing behind her. Janie’s heart leapt to her throat as she whipped around and found no one there. Looking back in the mirror, she saw only herself.

This is too much, she thought. First nightmares and now hallucinations. Janie shook her head. With the assault of information thrown at her in the last twenty-four hours, her imagination cartwheeled out of control.

Knowing the visions were a result of the wine, newspaper articles and journal, didn’t calm the raised hackles on the back of her neck. The foreboding in Brian’s letter snaked its way up her spine threatening to encircle her throat and squeeze tight. His writing had a tone of uncertainty and fear—uncharacteristic of the man she had married.

About the author:
Terry Segan resides in Nevada. The beach is her happy place, but any opportunity to travel soothes her gypsy soul. The stories conjured by her imagination while riding backseat on her husband’s motorcycle can be found throughout the pages of her paranormal mysteries.

Connect with Terry
Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram  |  Twitter

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Book Blitz & Giveaway: Perilune by Karri Thompson

I'm thrilled to be a part of Perilune by Karri Thompson Book Blitz organized by Xpresso Book Tours. Karri Thompson will be awarding a $20 Amazon gift card and an ebook of The Grove and Perilune to a randomly drawn winner


Karri Thompson
(The Legend of Tena, #2)
Publication date: March 8th 2022
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult

A truce has brought the Grove peace—but things are not as they appear.

Deep within a secret rainforest, live the keepers of unknown spells—a lost Landaffen colony with the power to keep Laura from fulfilling her fate by setting a trap and using Prince Brell as bait.

But Laura has become more Landaffen than human, her abilities sharpening as she infiltrates the forgotten and unforgiving Grove. She must learn to control the colony’s magic before their powers are at their peak.

If she fails, Prince Brell will die, and the joining of both worlds will be incomplete. It is Laura’s duty. Her calling. Faith must be restored, and the enemy defeated.

With a broken treaty and imminent conflict bringing death and war, Laura must build trust and bring order . . . before the PERILUNE!

Goodreads / Amazon / iBooks / Kobo


“You’re not supposed to be doing this!” I warned. “You’re breaking an agreement between kings.”

“An arrangement concerning a half-race is not a contract to keep,” Daveen said.

“What do you want?” I asked and took two steps backward, stretching out my arms to catch my balance as I lifted my feet from the snow.

“This is not about what we want,” Reenk said. “It is about what we need.”

I reached behind my back to grab the door handle, but I was too far away from the door.

“Why are you here?” I asked again. “What do you―?”

“You are to come with us,” Reenk said. She patted her sword through her jacket.

Daveen pulled a coil of rope from his backpack. He pulled his feet through the snow and stood next to her.

I readied my right foot to push off while keeping my eyes on theirs. With one leap, I reached the door. Daveen sprung forward, catching me by the arm with one hand and prying my fingers from the handle with the other.

I kicked behind me, tugging to jerk free, and fell to my knees. My backpack landed in the snow. Daveen yanked my arm, and I pulled him to the ground next to me. I rolled on top of him. Holding him down with one hand and using all my weight, I worked to get to my feet.

My coat collar wrenched hard against my throat, cutting into my skin. Reenk had me by the hood, and as she pulled, it became harder for me to breathe. I shoved my fingers between the top of the zipper and my neck, twisting away as I rose to my feet.

From behind, Daveen grabbed me around the arms and waist, holding me with such force, I was unable to move my arms or raise my feet.

The door flung open, but neither Laramiss moved.

Todd walked from the building. “Hey! What are you doing? Let go of her!” Todd screamed.

Daveen tightened his grip, and he and Reenk threw confused glances at one another.

Author Bio:

Karri Thompson, a native of San Diego, attended San Diego State University where she earned her bachelor’s degree in English and master’s degree in education. When she’s not writing novels and teaching high school English, she can be found nerding out at San Diego Comic-Con and cooking delicious meals for her family. Karri is the recipient of the San Diego Book Awards Best Published Young Adult Novel for 2014.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

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Thursday, March 3, 2022

Book Spotlight: The Spear Alight by Judith Sterling

The final book in the Guardians of Erin series is here, and I'm delighted to have two excerpts to share.

Paranormal fantasy that brings legend to life.

The Spear Alight (Guardians of Erin, Book Four)
By Judith Sterling
Genre: Young Adult


Ashling Donoghue has almost lost hope of finding her missing parents. As her faith wanes, her love for two men waxes, rending her heart and causing friction in the Breasal household. The time has come to make a choice, to create a future untarnished by doubt. But how can she embrace the light when lured by the soft seduction of shadow?

At last, her brother Conall channels the Spear of Illumination. He's a natural shapeshifter, and he sees through illusions in both the material world and the Otherworld…not a moment too soon. An ancient evil has surfaced, and it threatens all worlds.

Only the Donoghues can save Ireland. They must face their greatest fears and act as one to fulfill their destinies as guardians of Erin.

Grab your copy!
Amazon  |  Amazon UK  |  Amazon CA  |  Amazon AU  |  

Peek Between the Pages

All aspiration toward sleep left me. I needed company. Now.


Bad idea. Far worse than waking up my sister. But he wouldn’t judge. In fact, he’d probably be glad to see me. Me, Ashling Donoghue, pariah and maven of mistakes. I’d made a million of them. What was one more?

I imagined the interior of Lorcan’s tent at Dun Aengus on Inishmore. Then I flexed my will and was there, surrounded by rich colors, sumptuous fabrics, and perforated hanging lanterns. The intricately patterned Persian carpet felt soft and soothing to my bare feet.

Was he in bed? There was one safe way to find out. “Lorcan? Are you here?”

“Ashling?” His silken voice, warm and rousing, flowed from the bedroom and washed over me.

“Yes. It’s me.”

A heartbeat later, he appeared between the drawn, red curtains that separated his bed from the main section of the tent. He wore a black velvet dressing gown and an expression of mingled surprise and pleasure. With relaxed strides, he closed the gap between us. “You’re the last person I expected to see tonight.” His heated gaze roamed over me.

Too late, I realized I was wearing a thin, white night shirt that refused to cover anything below my upper thighs. I grabbed the hem on both sides and pulled downward…in vain. “I never planned to come.”

“Why did you?” His shoulder-length black hair looked as luxurious as his robe. I stifled the urge to touch both.

“I needed a friend.”

“Haven’t we traveled beyond the bounds of friendship?”

My stomach trembled at the memory of our passionate kiss. Stop it! I huffed. “That never should’ve happened.”

“But it did, because it had to.” His ice blue eyes held my gaze. “You belong to me. We belong to each other.”

“Aengus would disagree.”

“If he were here, but he isn’t.” He reached for my left hand and turned it over. Gently, he caressed my palm with the pad of his thumb.

“You have an answer for everything, don’t you?” My palm tingled.

“You are the answer. Nothing and no one else.”

Sometimes, one excerpt just isn't enough, and Judith was kind enough to share a second. Enjoy!

Bonus Excerpt

Freeing my hand, Kian grinned. “Welcome to the fourteenth century.”

I lifted my gaze to the top half of the stone keep. A shuttered window caught my attention. Aengus is there.

Hugh had given us a good idea of where to go, but how I determined his son’s precise location, I can’t say. Maybe I knew because I needed to know. Or maybe our souls were bonded in a way that defied all logic.

I pointed to the window. “Up there, right in the middle. Let’s jump up and go through the wall.”

We leapt into the air and paused at the third-floor level. Like ghosts, we floated through stone and entered the medieval bedroom. Then we lowered ourselves until our feet touched the plank floor. Tapestries, oak furniture, and a crackling fire on the hearth made the chamber feel homey and inviting.

“Awesome,” Kian breathed.

Aengus’s sleeping form drew my gaze. He lay on his back, with his bare and beautifully sculpted arms and chest visible above the fur coverlet. His golden hair was longer, touching his shoulders. I couldn’t look away.

Fortunately, my brother could. “I think the manuscript is over there.” He went to investigate.

I crept toward the bed. Aengus. I’m so sorry. I love you.Compelled beyond rhyme or reason, I leaned over and pressed my lips to his.

I’d intended a quick kiss, but my mouth lingered, savoring an experience it might never have again. His lips were softened by sleep; his breath was warm with a trace of spices. Mulled wine? Maybe.

“Ash, I got it. We have to go.” Kian waited close by.

Regretfully, I ended the kiss and straightened. I’ll always love you.

Aengus stirred beneath the covers. “Caer,” he murmured. His eyes opened.

Crap! Any second, he might shift into the Otherworld and see me. I seized my brother’s hand as Aengus sat up in bed. “Hurry, Kian!”

The next instant, the room was quiet. The Otherworld twilight remained, as did the medieval furnishings, but the fire and the man were absent.

A sense of loss swept through me. “Funny how empty a room can seem.”

“I’m sorry, Ash.” Kian squeezed my hand, then released it. “It’ll be okay.”

I turned to him. “Will it?”

Don't miss books one - three! 

Now is the perfect time to get the first 3 books, The Cauldron Stirred, The Stone Awakened, and The Sword Unsheathed are on sale for .99 cents until the end of March.

About the author:
Judith Sterling is an award-winning author whose love of history and passion for the paranormal infuse everything she writes. Whether penning medieval romance (The Novels of Ravenwood) or young adult paranormal fantasy (the Guardians of Erin series), her favorite themes include true love, destiny, time travel, healing, redemption, and finding the hidden magic which exists all around us. She loves to share that magic with readers and whisk them far away from their troubles, particularly to locations in the British Isles.

Her nonfiction books, written under Judith Marshall, have been translated into multiple languages. She has an MA in linguistics and a BA in history, with a minor in British Studies. Born in that sauna called Florida, she craved cooler climes, and once the travel bug bit, she lived in England, Scotland, Sweden, Wisconsin, Virginia, and on the island of Nantucket. She currently lives in Salem, Massachusetts with her husband and their identical twin sons.

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Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Blog Tour & Giveaway: Rituals and Runes


Rituals & Runes

A Limited Edition Anthology

Genres: Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy


The runes are cast, the rituals prepared. Now it's time to break the rules...

Fall under the spell of swoon-worthy supernatural heroes and magical heroines in fantastical worlds filled with dangerous adventures and epic romances.

Witches, Wizards, Shifters, Vampires, Demons, Devils, and other mythical creatures prowl the pages of this limited edition collection of paranormal romance and urban fantasy tales.

Scroll up and secure your copy of BRAND NEW, unforgettable stories from your favorite USA Today bestselling authors and exciting up-and-coming talent before it’s gone forever!

★★★ Authors Featured in Rituals & Runes ★★★

C.D. Gorri & Gina Kincade
Bella Roccaforte
C.A. King
Elvira Bathory
Rebekah R. Ganiere & Brianna Ganiere
Piper Stone
Patricia D. Eddy
J. C. McKenzie
J.E. Taylor
Terri A. Wilson
Ariel Dawn
Serenity Rayne
Cara North
Cara Wylde
Calla Zae
A.L. Kessler
Mia Bishop
K.N. Banet
Solo Storm
Scarlett West
Madison Granger
Roxy Matthews
N.D.T. Casale
Melissa MacKinnon
Elizabeth Jones
Jude Cocaigne
Melissa Bell
Jordin Thiele
Yolanda Olson & Dee Garcia
Andie M. Long
Silvana G. Sánchez
Bethany Shaw


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The Devil's Daughter

by C.A. King


Ghost Hunters had it wrong.

The Johnson brothers were living in the limelight, seeking out proof of the paranormal in front of the public eye. Fame, fortune, and success came hand-in-hand with evidence. Answers were worth their weight in gold. The trio had no idea they were asking all the wrong questions... until she appeared.

Pretty dresses and jewels meant nothing when all she wanted was respect. The moment Vallenna spiralled down a black hole, life turned upside down. It was the chance she’d been waiting her whole life for.

Born to rule two realms, but accepted by neither, the devil’s daughter is determined to leave her mark on both. Can the brothers stop her diabolical plans with only charisma and raw animal magnetism at their disposal?

#TheDevilsDaughter #ghosthunters #multiplerealms #paranormalinvestigations #MoonRituals #Magic #Devil #Netherworld #BeastMaster #ForbiddenLove #Demonic #Summoning


I was diagnosed with clinical depression after the loss of my mother, father and husband within three years of each other; all to cancer. 24/7 in-home care, coupled with the loss I felt, left its mark on my psyche.

Depression takes up a lot of my life. Reading and writing are the only things I have found that help (in connection with regular medication), even if only for a short time. To escape to a different world can make a big difference in my mood in real time.

To put things in perspective, when I was at my lowest point, I couldn't open mail, talk on the phone, or even drive to the store. Walls of sadness surrounded me. As they closed in, tears would fall. There didn't need to be a reason or trigger.

People ask me why I started writing. My answer is simple: I wanted to create a world into which other people with similar problems could escape. I wanted to share the one place that had helped me for many years.

I have always said that as long as one person finds a little bit of happiness out of my books, I am, in my opinion, an accomplished author. The same is true for every writer out there. Please don't ever let anyone tell you different.

I read books as well as write them and have visited the worlds many different authors have created. Those worlds not only make me feel better, but give me the strength to face real life again. I want to thank everyone who writes—I want them to know they are making a difference.

Fast forward to today...

C.A. King, USA Today Bestselling Author has over 60 books available across multiple fantasy sub-genres.

Awards include:

Hamilton Spectator Readers' Choice Award in the Best Local Author category 2017 & 2018 & 2019

Brant News Readers' Choice Award: Best Local Author 2017 

Readers' Favorite International Book Awards: Best Novella/Short Story 2017 Silver medal

2017 SIBA Awards - Best Novella

2017 SIBA Awards - Best New Adult

2018 Readers' Favorite International Book Awards: Gold Medal in the Fiction - Supernatural genre

2018 Readers' Favorite International Book Awards: Bronze Medal in the Fiction - New Adult genre

2019 Readers' Favorite Gold Medal Winner in the Fiction - Supernatural genre

2019 Readers' Favorite Gold Medal Winner in the Young Adult - Fantasy - Urban genre

City of Brantford Featured Artist February 2020

Burlington Post Readers' Choice Award in the Best Local Author Category 2020

Toronto Star Readers' Choice Award in the Best Local Author Category 2020

Cambridge Times Readers' Choice Award in the Best Local Author Category 2020

Burlington Post Readers' Choice Award in the Best Local Author Category 2021


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