Thursday, December 9, 2021

Linzer Tarts and Broken Hearts by Carol Henry


Today I'm excited to spotlight this tasty treat Linzer Tarts & Broken Hearts by Carol Henry. 


Christmas Cookie baking isn’t the only thing that’s heating up in the kitchen. Amber Talbot’s daughter, Beth, has invited her new best friend, Joanna, to bake Christmas cookies this year. Officer Jace Gunderson, single dad, insists on checking out the family first. From there, thanks to the two inseparable first graders, Amber and Jace’s lives intertwine over the holidays where they, too, become inseparable. But Amber doesn’t need another lawman in her life. Her first husband was killed in the line of duty. Can Jace win her over, despite her reluctance to commit to their fledgling relationship? Or will Amber reject his advances and ruin everyone’s Christmas?

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Peek between the pages

“You know, Mr. Gundersen, I’m beginning to feel as if I’m being interrogated. I’m familiar with how you lawmen work, even if they aren’t in uniform. I was married to one, you know. I’m sure you’ve already done a preliminary check, and know a lot about me already.”

“No, ma’am, just curious. I thought you looked familiar, and then remembered seeing you looking out the window, and meeting you when I was on call at a domestic a couple weeks ago. Wondered how you managed to go from that neighborhood to this place.”

“Well, now you know. Anything else you’d like me to clear up for you?”

He couldn’t help but grin at her. She had gumption, turning the tables on him.

They both sipped cider, looked over at their daughters in an uncomfortable silence. Until she turned to him with a raised eyebrow and looked directly at him with those green eyes, that sparkled.

“So, tell me, Mr. Gundersen…”


“Jace. Where is Mrs. Gundersen?

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