Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Dishing news on the Embrace series

Hi everyone!

Edit on Entwined, book three in my series, are coming along. They're due at the end of the month, so I'm going to keep this post short. But before I go, I wanted to let you know I'm over at Uncommon YA, chatting about how Embrace turned into a series. Click here to learn more.

Have a wonderful week!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Jumping from one project to next

Writing news:

I finished the first draft of my young adult realistic fiction in time to take a couple days break from writing before receiving the editorial notes on book three in my series. I looked a lot like the pencil on the left. I'm way over my targeted word count on the WIP, but I'm not too worried about that. I can decide if I need to cut several thousand words in a month or so when I go back to it. For now, I'm focus on the first round of revisions for Entwined. The timing for this is perfect, because with my WIP done, I can place one hundred percent of my focus on Entwined. 

I went through the editorial notes. There are no major plot changes needed (Yay!), I already accepted small tweaks to sentence structure and word choice. Those are the easy changes. I'm now working on things that need to be clarified. I enjoy this part of the process, even though sometimes it can be daunting. There's one scene early in the book I want to revisit later. I reread it so many times, I'm now not sure I like it. That's usually my queue to step away from my laptop or move on. I guess, since I"m typing this post, you can say I did both. :)  But I am looking forward to getting back to Madison and her friends.

Before I do that, let's jump to other news.

Getting ready for the holidays?

If you're looking for some cool gift ideas for the geek in your life, check out Alex Cavanaugh's blog. I totally want the dancing Groot.

For writers, don't miss The Insecure Writer’s Group Guide to Publishing and Beyond. You can download it for free (almost) everywhere - Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Kobo, and Smashwords

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Okay! I admit it! an #IWSG post

Hi everyone! 

Welcome to Insecure Writer's Support Group. We are a group writers who share our doubts and encouragements. I'd like to thank Alex Cavanaugh and this month's hosts. Learn more about the group here.

I'm deviating a little from insecurities for this post, but I have a feeling many of you will relate.

Being an author has reinforced a few things I sort of knew about myself that, well, I hadn't been willing to admit, until now.

Let’s start with the first and biggest. I hate waiting, and there is a lot of waiting that goes on in this business.

I also hate not being in control, because usually that means I'm waiting on others.

I like things done a certain way. See above for the problem with this.

When I’m excited about something, I want it done now. Tomorrow is just too late. But, since I'm not in control of when and how things get done, I’m waiting yet again.  

It’s a vicious circle that often drives me crazy. And I know the reward for patience is often worth it, but it's still hard to let go of the reins and let others drive, so to speak. Burying myself in other projects only helps for so long.

How about you? Any dark secrets about yourself that being a write has made you admit? What do you do to keep your mind off projects that are with beta readers, your agent or editors? Did you participated in NaNo... how'd you do? 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Book Blitz: CLAIMING EXCALIBUR (Legendary Saga #2) by L.H. Nicole

Congrats to L.H. Nicole on her upcoming release of Claiming Excalibur, book two in the Legendary Saga. Be sure to check out the teaser and enter the giveaway at the end of this post. 

Claiming Excalibur 
by L.H. Nicole
Publisher: Omnific Publishing
Release Date: December 16, 2014


Aliana Fagan has done what many thought impossible: she’s awakened King Arthur from his fifteen-hundred-year sleep, reunited the Knights of the Round Table, and even beaten Mordrid and Morgana LeFay in battle.

But the Destined One’s quest has only begun.

Before the knights can "unearth and reclaim their lost relics" they must survive the trip to Charleston, South Carolina and meet the newest member of the Round Table. If King Arthur’s men thought Aliana and Lacy were tenacious, they'll be even more surprised by Dawn, the third member of the fem-trio.

Deadly secrets, unexpected allies, and a traitor lurking in the shadows await Aliana and the new Round Table as they continue their search for Excalibur. Their only clue is a beyond confusing poem from a mysterious book that speaks of a terrifying creature guarding the legendary sword. Trying to build a somewhat normal relationship with Sir Galahad adds a whole new level of complexity to Aliana’s task, especially when several among them suspect the White Knight may not be wholly himself. Her friendship with King Arthur grows closer, and when circumstances become intense, he may finally get the chance with Aliana that he’s been pining for.

Mysteries, legendary quests, and haunting memories will either unite the members of the New Round Table or fracture their bonds. Aliana and her crew only have seven months before the planets align and Mordrid can seize the power he needs to conquer the seven realms. Can the Destined One keep her new family together and lead Arthur to his destiny of saving the realms? Or will a centuries-old plot for revenge finally spell the king’s end? 



“Being back is hard for you.” Aliana nearly smacked into the doorframe when Galahad placed his large hands on her tense shoulders. 

“You scared me!” she said, placing her hand over her heart. 

“I though you would have heard me coming.” His warm hands massaged her tight shoulders. “But you seem lost in another world.” 

Leaning into his touch, she shook her head. “I was just thinking.” 
Galahad sighed deeply, his hands squeezing her shoulders before turning her to face him. “I understand how you’re feeling right now. My parents were murdered when I was young.” 

Aliana looked into his blue eyes, surprised. “You never told me that.” 

“Sir Belvoir and his men found us just after it happened. He raised me as his own, trained me to be a knight.” His hand rubbed light circles on her back.  

“I was just remembering how things used to be,” Aliana confessed, hoping that sharing some of her pain would help lessen it.  

“Why were you looking through your father’s things before you came to London?” 

Aliana turned in Galahad’s arms, leaning her back against his chest. She studied the office until she found her voice. “I was in New Orleans working on a photo commission several months ago. I was walking the French Quarter when I came to a fortuneteller’s stand. I took a few pictures, and she called me over. I thought she was going to be upset with me, but she sat me down at her table. ‘You feet mus’ be achin’ after running so hard, chère,’ she told me. ‘Folks thinkin’ the’ can run from de past and they ghosts never find peace’.” 

Aliana laid her hands over Galahad’s, remembering the feel of the woman’s cracked, dry hand on top of hers and the smell of sweet tea on the woman’s breath. “I tried to ignore her, but she kept insisting that I needed to stop running and face what was haunting me. She said I’d never again know what a real life ‘filled with love, happiness, and adventure’ felt like until I faced my past. It took me another two weeks before I came home.” 

Galahad hugged her tighter, his chin resting on her shoulder, silently supporting her. “When you returned home you discovered your adoption.” 

Aliana nodded, turning her face toward his. “I guess she was right. I never would have been in London if she hadn’t pushed me to come home. I never would have been in Avalon’s forest, and I never would’ve found you or Dagg or Arthur."

"Do you regret it?" Galahad asked, a worried kind of seriousness in his eyes. 


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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ramblings of a YA author

Hi everyone!

While I'm always grateful to be surrounded by so many amazing people, I would like to take a moment to thank my wonderful readers for whom I value more than words can say, my friends (both cyber and close) for your continued support, my family for believing in me even when I don't believe in myself, and my publishers for helping me share my stories with the world. Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

Where my travels took me:

I had the pleasure of being a part of the University of Whitewater Wisconsin Creative Writing Festival. Over 700 high school students attended this day long conference. Susan Gloss, author of the novel Vintage, kicked things of with a keynote speech to a standing room only crowd. Next were the workshops, of which I lead two. The day ended with an award ceremony. Congrats to the winners! The young talent at this festival was amazing, and I'm truly honored to have been a part of the event.

Book news:

I've been chatting with my fun and amazing publicist about cover options for Entwine. We both loved the same images. Total plus! She passed our thoughts on to the design team at Omnific Publishing. Now for the waiting part, which many of you know is one of the hardest parts of publishing. I'm a big fan of Omnific's covers. They really do a great job. I can't wait to see what they come up with for this book. =)

I'm still oh so close to finishing the new first draft of my YA realistic contemporary romance. What's slowed me down. Unexpected visits from my stepsons, which was worth setting my laptop aside. See, with our boys being in their late teens and twenties, it's a rare occasion to have more than one under our roof at the same time. So when three of them are home, I'm happy to let time slow down and enjoy it. I figure I can knock out the last two chapters... yes, I'm that close... before the weekend.

That's it for me today. What do you consider welcome interruptions when you're in the writing zone? Are you doing NaNo? Have you met your word count?

Monday, November 17, 2014

Misc. Musings: Updates, Twists, Winners & More


Last week, my writing time was divided between working on my YA realistic fiction and critiquing the submissions for the U-WI Writing Festival I'm participating in this week.I really enjoy these events, because I get to meet teens who not only love to read, but are aspiring authors. Each submission I received showed great imagination and I'm looking forward to meeting the teen writers.

As for my work-in-progress... I'm close, very close, to finishing the first draft. My goal is to have it done before I receive the first round of edits for ENTWINED, which I've been told are coming. (If my wonderful editor happens to read this, feel free to take an extra day or five. I won't tell.)

Find me:
I put a paranormal twist on research in the blog post I did for Uncommon YA. You can check it out here.

In other news:
Congratulations to Michelle W, Lisa V, and Betsy D, winners at my stop in the Books I'm Grateful I Read Giveaway! Didn't win? Watch my sidebar for announcement of future giveaways.

Next week I'll be figuring out Thanksgiving dinner. This is my favorite holiday. Of course, there will be turkey and stuffing and yams and a yummy dessert that will include way too many calories.

How's your month going? Are you participating in NaNo? Cooking Thanksgiving dinner?