Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Spooktacular #Giveaway Hop!

Welcome to my stop on the 5th Annual Spooktacular Giveaway Hop hosted by I Am A Reader, Not A Writer.

At my stop, I'm giving away a $10 gift card.

Good luck!

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Looking for something new to read? Check out my darkly romantic paranormal thrillers:

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Friday, October 10, 2014

Demon Alert! Caden from HOLD TIGHT''s been spotted on Uncommon YA!

Hi everyone!

Don't miss Caden, the hot demon from Hold Tight (book 2 in the Embrace Series), on Uncommon YA.  And don't worry, the answers to the questions he skirted will be revealed in ENTANGLED, book three in the series, coming next year.

Click here to read interview.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Week Two: Ghosty Goodness #Giveaway

Week Two: Ghosty Goodness : Win Books by Tera Shanley, Sarah Glover and Rumer Haven.

SHRIEK! It’s Week Two of our month long Halloween takeover to celebrate Love At The End of Days by Tera Shanley, and this week we have books to win with hot rockers, 1920’s razzle dazzle, and of course, GHOSTS! Check out the Rafflecopter and enter to win!

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Click the cover for more details about each book.

If you could be haunted by a ghost from any era, what would it be? 1940s? Renaissance times? A modern ghost who haunts your texts?

Don’t forget to add Love At The End Of Days to your TBR and check back every week for new, spooky good prizes! 

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Patience Does Pay Off : an #IWSG Post

October marks the one year anniversary of the  Insecure Writer's Support Group website. A big thanks to Alex Cavanaugh and the wonderful administrators who keep the site running! Since today is the first Wednesday of the moths, it's time to share insecurities or encouraging words. Learn more about the group here.

Those nasty insecurities of mine popped into my head quite often over the last couple months. Will I ever finish the first draft of my work-in-progress? Will my publisher pick up the third book in my series? Will more readers find my published novels? Will the novel out on submission find a good home?

It's the things I can't control that drive me crazy. Thankfully, I could control one of the items in that list. Several deep breaths and self-prep talks (and okay, a little lot of whining) helped to keep my butt in chair and my fingers on the keyboard.

I'm happy to say that patience (or more accurately--me being forced to be patient) paid off. I finished that first draft. Omnific Publishing snatch up book three. Readers are finding my published novels. And, as for the last item in my list, I'm hopeful that answer will be yes, because I'm dying to share that book with readers everywhere.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Alex and the members of IWSG for their encouraging words and for sharing their stories and advice over the years. It nice to know I have a place to turn to when I need a little push.

How'd you do last month? Have you added to your word count? Any good news to share?

(P.S. There's a couple giveaways going on this week. Page down to earlier posts for details.)

Monday, September 29, 2014

It's a Zombie Takeover with Omnific Publishing!

My wonderful publisher is celebrating the release of Tera Shanley's second book in her Dead Rapture series by doing a zombie takeover that includes contests, giveaways, polls, guest posts, and more. 

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~ Click cover for more information about the books ~

Don't forget to add Love at the End of Days to your TBR list and check back every week for new, spooky good prizes!

Each week they will have a new spooky paranormal theme. They're kicking it off with witches, angels and young adult. Um, that includes my books, and if you haven't heard, they just picked up book three in the series. =) 

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I don't have a list of all the Omnific Publishing books that fit in the categories noted above, but I do know my pub sisters Carol Oates, Kate Evangelista, and Trisha Wolfe are fellow PNR young adult authors. Below are just a few of their books.

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Be sure to follow Omnific Publishing on Facebook to join the fun. From what I've heard, there's going to be lots of fun ways to win great books and other prizes!

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Friday, September 26, 2014

Meet Joshua Bellin, author of SURVIVAL COLONY 9

Congratulations to Joshua Bellin on the release of his debut novel Survival Colony 9! I'm really excited to have Josh here with us today. Please help me give Joshua a warm welcome.

9 Questions I Wish Someone Would Ask Me

As a debut author, I get asked lots of questions about my book, my writing process, and my path to publication. I love answering those questions—who doesn’t love talking about exciting personal news?—but sometimes I wish I could get to answer other kinds of questions as well. I’m a pretty open person—I don’t mind sharing.

So to get the ball rolling, I thought I’d ask and answer nine questions (for Survival Colony NINE) I’ve never been asked. Some of them have to do with writing, most don’t. Feel free to stop by my website and ask me more!

1. What’s your favorite color?

For some reason, this is always the first question my students ask each other when I pair them up at the start of the semester for a “getting to know you” exercise. I don’t know what it is about color—does it really tell us that much about a person? But for the record, my favorite color is orange.

2. If you could be a non-human animal, what would you be?

Definitely a frog. I used to love catching (and releasing) them when I was a kid, and I still love them now. I wrote an essay called “The Last Days of the Frog Prince” about my frog-catching days, and I think it’s one of the best things I’ve written. (It came out in the journal Snowy Egret, if you want to track it down.) The whole idea of metamorphosis, from a water-breathing creature to an air-breathing creature, fascinates me.

3. What’s your favorite childhood memory?

Hard to choose, but I think it might be lying in bed in my grandparents’ house on Christmas Eve, listening to their clock chime the hours. I was always too excited to sleep—or even to count the number of chimes—so I’d drag my little sister out of bed every hour from one o’clock on and parade down the hall to the room where my parents were sleeping, only to have my mom grumble, “It’s not seven o’clock yet. Go back to bed.” Then we’d do the same thing an hour later. Probably not my mom’s favorite memory, but definitely one of mine.

4. What were the three best moments of your life?

This one’s easy. Getting married, watching my children’s births, and—yes—receiving a call from my agent with the news that my novel had been accepted for publication!

5. What’s the worst job you ever had?

Everyone’s had terrible jobs, and I’ve had my share (mucking out horse stables, for example). But I think the absolute worst was right after college, when I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my life but needed to support myself somehow, so I ended up as a “document coder” for a law firm. This meant staring at legal documents for eight hours a day and getting just enough information from them to “code” them—to determine whether they were memos or briefs or affidavits or whatever. It was mind-numbing work, made bearable only by the presence of a funny guy named Melvin who sat at my table. But then he got fired—probably for being too funny—and the brain-rot became nearly overwhelming.

6. What’s your dream retirement spot?

Either the Arizona desert or the town of Rockport, Massachusetts. Both seem like ideal—though very different—places to enjoy the natural world and clear one’s mind from the distractions of everyday life in order to create.

7. Where’d the name “Skaldi” come from?

I have no idea. It just came to me—it was one of the first things I wrote down when I was generating ideas for Survival Colony 9. I guess it sounds kind of like “scald” and kind of like “skull,” so that seemed appropriate for my story’s monsters. And by the way, it’s both singular and plural: one Skaldi, two Skaldi, a bunch of Skaldi. But you don’t want to meet even one, so we’ll leave it at that.

8. Who would you most like to have dinner with?

Too many people to name. But let’s start with J. R. R. Tolkien, Henry David Thoreau, Martin Luther King, Jr., Willie Mays, Suzanne Collins, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Mahatma Gandhi, Kurt Vonnegut, Toni Morrison, and Chinua Achebe. That should make for a lively conversation!

9. How can an old guy like you write YA?

Two words: teenage children.

No, seriously, I feel a strong connection to YA even though I’m pushing fifty. I’ve always loved it, always wanted to write it—Judy Blume was a childhood favorite, and one of the first novels I wrote, freshman year in college, was a YA contemporary. When my kids got to the age where they started reading YA, I rediscovered my love for it, and now there’s no turning back!

SURVIVAL COLONY 9 is available now from Simon & Schuster, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, IndieBound, select Wal-Mart stores, and other online and physical retailers!

To connect with me and learn more about SURVIVAL COLONY 9, check out the following links: