Friday, December 17, 2021

Ginger Snapped by Shelley White


Ginger Snapped was such a fun read filled with friendship and great characters. You might even find yourself swooning for a very handsome and chivalrous park ranger. I know I did. 



Ranger Eli Vance is done dating crazy redheads. Yet, he still finds himself attracted to one particular camper who seems crazier than usual. Former Scissortail Scout, Chelsea Davis just wants to make it through the alumni campout with her friends without freezing her tail off. She's trying to make the best of it, but the handsome ranger keeps crossing her path at the worst possible moments. He probably thinks she’s nuts. After an accidental night together and an enlightening cookie exchange, they find themselves closer than they'd planned. Does Eli need a little crazy in his life to be happy or are he and Chelsea still too distant to tempt a relationship?

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"Be careful, there.” He started following her.

Did he just smile? The corner of his mouth flinched, and his dimple appeared for a split second. She couldn’t worry about that now or—she stumbled back over a small branch and landed in the leaves-- she’d land on her butt. Now she knew for sure he was trying not to laugh at her.

“Do you need a hand up?” He held a gloved hand out to her.

“No! I’ve got it.” Chelsea got to her feet, still keeping her backside hidden. “You know, I think it’s gotten warmer out. My goodness, I don’t even need this.” She unzipped her coat and pulled it off, then tied it around her waist, effectively covering the offending area. The cold penetrated her remaining layers immediately. “P-perfect. I’m g-gonna g-go see if Amy needs help with b-breakfast.” She clenched her teeth together in an effort to keep her jaw still.

“All right, you take care and stay on the paths. It’s not really that warm out. If you’re not feeling the cold anymore, you might be experiencing hypothermia. I’ll follow you back to your campsite to make sure.”

“No! I’m good. I mean, I’m cold, f-freezing, actually. I’m sure I’ll see you later, R-ranger. Have a g-good morning!” She spun around and quickly exited the forest. Once back on the road, she headed back to camp rather than finish her run. She needed dry clothes, hot coffee, and a warm fire, s.t.a.t. That man probably thought her nuts.

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