Monday, January 18, 2016

It's a Challenging Destiny sort of day

Hi everyone!

Challenging Destiny is making its way around the blog-sphere today. You can meet the darker side of Kira Rose at Uncommon YA and get a sneak peek of the book if you hop over to Jessica Therrien's blog.


Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Start the New Year Right: Setting Goals #IWSG

Hi everyone! 

It's time to share our thoughts, insecurities, and encouraging words. Thanks to Alex and our co-hosts for keeping IWSG going. For those who aren't familiar with Insecure Writer's Support Group, just follow the link. It's a wonderful group. 
I'm a big believe in setting realistic goals, and for 2016 my goal is to stay focused. To help me do that with my writing, I've set the following goals:

  • Exercise patience while my agent submits my latest YA novel. (This one is ALWAYS hard. I think I feign patience better than I exercise it.
  • Finish at least one first draft. With three project in the works (a MG fantasy, a YA realistic romance, and an Adult paranormal romance) this should be doable. 
  • Polish the novel I finish.
  • Promote my published works. Because they need love too.

I added a word-count widget to the sidebar so that I can see the progress I'm making on my WIPs. Percentage wise, the MG fantasy is winning.

How were your holidays? Are you a patience person? Have you set any goals?

Thanks for stopping by. Happy New Year!