Monday, December 20, 2021

A Maple Cookie Homecoming by Judy Ann Davis

Today's book is a feel-good story about a small town in Vermont. Julien moved back to his hometown where he reconnects with his high school sweetheart Natalie. He's sweet and charming and instantly liked by all, including Natalie and her little girl. This is a delightful story about second chances with a wonderful cast of characters. It's a quick read for a cozy afternoon. 


When Julien Franklin returns home for Christmas after retiring from the military, his first mission is to taste his home town's maple cookies and find office space for his civilian website business. He's delighted to find the apartment above The Book Bin bookstore is for rent and owned by his old high school sweetheart.

Natalie Pinkett, widow and single parent, has some tragic secrets gnawing at her soul, but she needs to rent the empty rooms to help with her many expenses. To complicate matters, an old love will be literally working above her head—and he owns a rambunctious puppy her daughter has fallen in love with.

Can Julien woo the pretty bookstore owner and get her to reveal her painful past? Will the two be able to cross the divide of twenty-four years and find love again?

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Peek between the pages

“I stopped in for a take-out,” Simon said with a bemused look. “I’m not spying on you.”

“You’re welcome to join us,” Natalie offered.

“No, he’s not.” Julien glowered at his little brother and kicked him in the shin under the table. “Right, Simon?” There was more than a tinge of warning in his voice.

“Rats. My shin is telling me I can’t. Sorry, Natalie.” A pained chuckle followed. He took a sip from his to-go cup and eyeballed his brother over the lid.

Natalie raised an eyebrow. “Did you just kick your brother in the shin?”

“I plan to put my foot somewhere else if he doesn’t vamoose.”

“He’s one tough dude.” Simon smirked. “Except for mornings. And I should warn you, Natalie, he can be a very grouchy Grinch.”

I hope you enjoyed today's peek between the pages. Browse recent blog posts for more holiday romances.

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