Thursday, December 23, 2021

A Christmas Cannoli Kiss by Anne Armistead

I'm continuing the holiday romances with A Christmas Cannoli Kiss, a sweet contemporary romance. Enjoy!


When Isabella decides to move back home to Pittsburgh, she doesn't expect to meet her teen crush Nate on the flight home…or to find out that he has come back to turn the beloved neighborhood corner bakery into a parking deck—unless Isabella can cook up a solution that will save the bakery and their romance in time for A Christmas Cannoli Kiss.

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Her mind wandered to Nate. To call or not to call? That was the question. He didn’t seem to be her type at this point in their lives. He put out definite player vibes, and she swiped left on players. Why get lost in his damn blue eyes again?

Admit it, though, Bella. You are curious. What did he mean about owing you an explanation?

She needn’t hurry to contact him. He’d be in Pittsburgh until Christmas Eve, which was a week away. She faced enough complications at the moment without layering him into them. She ticked off her to-do’s: shopping for new clothes, purchasing a car, finding a place to live, settling in once the moving van arrived. figuring out a new career.


A life reset could be overwhelming, if she let it be. For now, she would enjoy the rental car and Christmas with her best friend and her family. She toyed with the car’s audio system until she located a Christmas music station. While humming along to “I’ll Be Home for Christmas,” she couldn’t stop grinning. The lyrics did not apply to her anymore.

No more being home only in my dreams…I’m really home, for good.

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