Sunday, December 19, 2021

Kisses and Lemon Snowflake Cookies by N. Jade Gray


Today's cozy romance is Kisses and Lemon Snowflake Cookies by N. Jade Gray. Enjoy!


Return to Cedar Bend, CO

Fireman Dustin Keith didn't realize women would be coming out of the woodwork after he posed for the local fundraiser calendar. But the one who catches his eye is a baker with trust issues. Can he scale the wall she's built around her heart, or is fate destined to extinguish the flames of desire before they engulf his heart?

Lauren Badini came to Cedar Bend to lend a helping hand at her aunt's bakery, not fall for Mr. July. The image on the calendar she received last Christmas fueled her fantasies, but the in-person version is too hot to handle. But if life after her ex has taught her anything, it's okay to look...but don't touch.

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The crisp odor of burnt cookies wafted through the kitchen at Josie’s Delights. Lauren Badini’s eyes teared up as the acrid smell assaulted her nose. Aunt Josie wouldn’t be happy if the business burned down to the ground.

“No. No. No.” Lauren abandoned her lemon snowflake cookie batter and grabbed a pair of potholders. Smoke poured out of the oven as she lowered the door. A choke escaped as the cloud cloaked her in a moment of darkness. Through the haze she rushed to open the nearby door.

The crisp winter air filtered into the bakery, eliminating some of the smoke. Tears still threatened as she glanced back at the oven. The poor gingerbread men lay curled in a fetal position on the cookie sheet. Great. Murder could be added to her cooking repertoire. Another choke clawed its way up her throat. Her hand shook as she retrieved a potholder to rescue the cookies and deposit the sheet onto a nearby counter.

The pleasant smells from earlier of cinnamon and sweet spices were gone. This wasn’t the best way to start the holiday season.

A shriek escaped as a man burst into the kitchen through the door she’d opened moments before.

His gaze darted about before he exclaimed, “Fire department. Is there a fire?”

“No. Just a lot of smoke.” A wave of her hand didn’t dispel the haze that still hung in the air.

“Ma’am, are you all right?”

“I’m fine, but the gingerbread men didn’t survive.”

His gaze shot to where she pointed. Shivers chased down her spine, and goose bumps rose on her arms as another gust of fresh winter air filtered in from the open door. Who could have guessed when she awoke this morning hypothermia or smoke inhalation would be on her agenda? She wiped her watering eyes and stared at the man standing before her. “Mr. July.” An embarrassed wheeze escaped as she realized she muttered the words aloud. Her aunt had given her the fireman’s calendar from Cedar Bend, Colorado, last year as a Christmas gift. In the kitchen with her was the fireman who posed for July. Her favorite month. And he stood before her fully clothed with a concerned frown upon his face. Did he catch her words?

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