Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Swoon worthy scenes

Since it's Valentine's Day, I thought it would be fun to share a few of my favorite swoon worthy scenes with you, and I'd love to hear yours.

Halfway to the Grave
by Jeaniene Frost

This scene is with Bones and Cat, about halfway through the book...

       "Kitten, look at me," he said flatly.

       I blinked. "I am."

       "No, you're not." He slid closer, his eyes all green now. "You 
       stare straight through me as if I'm not even there... "

Bones goes on a little, and I remember being on the edge of my seat thinking, yes Cat, look at him already!  Because the reader already knows Bones is irresistibly handsome. Cat looks at him, really looks at him. She replies with two words:

"Kiss me."

The words left me without any thought, and I realized I'd secretly wanted to say them for awhile. Bones leaned over and his lips closed over mine softly. Gently. Giving me every opportunity to change my mind and push him away, but I didn't. I slid my arms around his neck and brought him closer.

It gets pretty steamy from there. Sigh. I could read that scene over and over. It’s that good. 

Perfect Chemestry
By Simone Elkeles

This scene is with Nikki (a girls from a wealthy family on the north side of town) and Luis (a guy from the south side). Nikki speaks first.

"Just for tonight, let's see what happens."

"And tomorrow?"

Tomorrow? "I haven't thought that far ahead. I just wanted to make out with you right now. You game?"

"That depends.”

"On what?" I ask.

He leans forward and kisses the sensitive spot right under my ear, then whispers, "If you want to stop at kissing, or go further."

Will they go further? You just have to devour the pages to find out.

Die For Me
by Amy Plum

I just finished Die For Me. Below is the scene that had me swooning.

      I looked up over my shoulder and registered his sincere expression. He turned me slowly to face him. He gazed at me for a full minute with his big dark eyes, as if trying to memorize every inch of my face.

     Then he raised his hand to brush a lock of hair back from my face, tucking it gently behind my ear as he lifted my lips to his.

     Our skin barely touched. He was hesitant, as if he knew what he wanted but was afraid of scaring me away. Our lips brushed, and I felt like a chord had been struck inside me, and my body was humming with a pure musical note. 

And this is one of my favorite scenes between Isaac and Madison in my debut novel, Embrace.

by Cherie Colyer

Isaac traced my lips with his thumb before he ran his fingers through my hair, twisting them around its length at the back of my head. His eyes scalded. I sucked in a breath, waiting to see what he’d do next. He leaned closer, his mouth inches from my ear. “That drives me crazy.”

It was hard to think straight with him whispering in my ear. I had to try a couple times before I could ask, “What does?”

“The way your breath catches.”

Oh, he could hear that. My cheeks warmed with embarrassment, but he couldn’t see them, not with his lips against my neck . . .

                [Spoiler deleted (sorry guys, don't want to giveaway the secret if you haven't read the book.)]

Isaac’s lips moved to mine, and he kissed me more passionately than he ever had. His tongue brushed mine and retreated behind his lips, which moved over mine more urgently. . .

I hope you enjoyed some of my favorite swoon worthy scenes. So what are yours? 


  1. Wow. Lots of heat, passion and, well, now I need to go cool off somewhere. Cool choices.

  2. Ooh, very nice Valentine's treat. :)