Friday, February 24, 2012

Feature & Follow #3

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Q: Activity!!! Take a picture or describe where you love to read the most...

I would have to take a picture of most rooms in my house. I love to read in bed cuddled under the covers with a book and my pillow. I read on the couch in the family room and curled up on the comfy chair in the living room. I also love reading in waiting rooms. Doesn't matter what type, because it helps to pass the time. And in spring and summer I'll sit outside so that I can hear the sounds of the world around me while I get lost in the story.

What about you? Where do you like to read?


  1. Reading in summer is nice... I must try that some time.

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    Jez@Jez's Bookcase

  2. Yep, that's the same with me too. :D

    - New follower

  3. Ahh I can't wait for summer! I'll finally be able to get back to reading a book a day :D
    Thanks for stopping by! Following you right back :)

  4. I love reading outside!
    Old follower. Happy reading!

  5. I forgot about outside reading and I love that too on a breezy summer day! Thanks for hopping by. New follower and looking forward to viewing your site. Congrats on your new debut and going to keep an eye out for it!

  6. Outside is a perfect answer. It's snowing today, though. I think I will have to wait a bit :)

    Thanks for stopping by The Feather and the Rose!

  7. LOL. That is very true for me sometimes as well. If I'm sitting (even standing) I can read cause I literally take my books almost everywhere with me. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I am following you in return now. I look forward to all of your future posts.

    Cassie @ The Anfractuous Bookaholic

  8. Whenever I get the drawn into the book, and it draws all those emotions out, I just have to move, so the upstairs sees me reading a lot :) Thanks for stopping by! Happy reading!