Thursday, November 4, 2021

Chatting with Sarita Leone, author of romance

I’m thrilled to have sister Rose Sarita Leone with me. Her new book Snickerdoodle Snowmen is part of The Wild Rose Press's Christmas Cookie series. Before we learn more about her book and read a tantalizing excerpt, let's get to know Sarita through a speed round of questions.

Let's begin...

Morning or night? Love a pretty sunrise!

Favorite food? Eggplant Parmesan.

Favorite beverage? Pineapple juice.

Coffee or tea? Chai! 😊

Favorite movie? Drop Dead Fred

Wonder Woman or Top Model? Wonder Woman

Stilettos or flipflops or sneakers? Barefoot or sneakers

Cake, cookies, or pie? Cookies—one for each hand!

Favorite TV show? The Big Bang Theory

Favorite vacation? Rome, Italy.

Beach or mountains? Beach for sure.


Snickerdoodle Snowmen
Author: Sarita Leone
Genre: Romance


Baker Kris Kringles sends snickerdoodles from North Pole, Alaska, across the globe, spreading holiday cheer like confetti. But she has a secret not dusted with sugar, and an incentive to speak with a slick journalist that isn't half-baked.

Reporter Santos Kloss hates Christmas. How could he not, with a name that makes him the butt of endless holiday jokes? He's got one last assignment to complete before he can begin a new chapter in his life, so he grits his teeth, grabs a parka, and heads to Christmas central.

Both expect the interview to be a snap, but a snowstorm, insistent sisters, and a little holiday magic have very different ideas!

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Peek between the pages

“You’re the newspaper man, aren’t you?”

Santos stopped the mug an inch from his lips and looked over the rim into the woman’s eyes. They were green—not merely hazel or a watered-down soda-bottle shade, but vibrantly colored, like the office parrot’s feathers. Polly, the newspaper mascot, looked like a beauty but swore like a sailor, courtesy of the newsmen who got their kicks from teaching the bird to talk. He’d even added some colorful Italian phrases to their feathered friend’s vocabulary.

She stared at him with those piercing eyes so long and hard that his heart began to pound. He wondered if she read right into the truth of him. It sure felt that way. As if despite his nonchalant entrance, small talk, and even observing her figure, she realized he wasn’t some fellow off the street, in for a coffee and cookies. He resisted the urge to pull his jacket closed.

Great. Precisely what he didn’t need. A dame with a brain, a killer attribute that never failed to stir something deep within him.

The stirring hadn’t ever proved deep enough to keep a woman, so he tried to steer clear of romantic involvements. But damn, it felt as if she reached into his soul with those incredible eyes.

Santos lifted his shoulders, then let them drop. He took a long swallow of joe before setting the mug on the counter. “Guilty as charged. I’m from the New York Daily, here to do a story on some cookies that I’m told are made in this shop and sent to crazy, obsessed Christmas fanatics all over the world.”

The minute he said it he realized he’d stuck his foot in his mouth. Pretty far down his throat, too.

~ * ~

About the author:
Sarita Leone loves happy endings—in life and on the page.

When she’s not busy writing her next novel, this adventure-loving yoga teacher likes to hike, travel, and dance beneath the stars. She studies languages, enjoys making a mess in the kitchen, and never says “no” to fun.

Finding pockets of peace everywhere she goes, this author plans to make every moment of this journey count.

Catch up on book releases and other fun news on Sarita’s blog or Facebook page. Find her books at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Walmart, and wherever books are sold!

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