Thursday, October 21, 2021

Book tour: Mystery at Camp Esther by Phyllis Cherry


Mystery at Camp Esther

White Feathers Academy Book 2

by Phyllis Cherry

Genre: Middle-Grade, YA Fantasy 


Halo’s life changed the day she flew up to study with the angel academy. Now she has wings of her own, and so does Midas, the big golden dog and her best friend. They are ready for their first real mission--a dangerous one that could cost them everything.

Arriving at Camp Esther, Halo and Midas become the target of a killer after helping an injured man. But they are determined to fulfill their mission, even if they are not sure what it is.  Could it be helping Marie, a lonely teenager confined to a wheelchair?

Marie’s dreams often come true and foreshadow the danger surrounding Halo and Midas. Things are further complicated when Halo questions the sincerity of Marie’s new crush. Could he be the person who hurt Midas? Halo doesn’t know who to trust.

At the camp, accidents, sabotage, and death threats happen, and everything points to the new girl and her dog. Someone wants them to fail their mission and will kill to get rid of Halo and Midas. Will they survive return to White Feathers Academy as failures, or will this mission cost them their lives?


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White Feathers Academy

White Feathers Academy Book 1


WHAT IF - Somewhere in the galaxy there is a school taught by angels?
WHAT IF – A young person with no special talent finds the one perfect gift?
WHAT IF – Youngsters who failed to survive their first life are given a new life?
WHAT IF – One evil young girl threatens talented students with her greed?

Halo Havens didn’t know that angels had special talents and different jobs.

She’d never met an android, talked to a giant fish or met an angel.

Her life changed the day she skated in front of a car trying to rescue a puppy and was transported to the fantastic world of White Feathers Academy. There she makes new friends, accepts the challenge of a seemingly hopeless job and embarks on the greatest adventure of her new young life, if she can survive the tests.


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Peek between the pages

“Are you a ghost?” she whispered with a wicked smile.

“Are you kidding? I am standing here in front of you, talking to you. Do ghosts follow you around?” Our conversation was getting out of hand.

She lowered her voice as if hoping no one was around to hear. “Because I see ghosts sometimes. They have a light around them, and you have a light around you, and so does Midas. Sometimes I see things before they happen.” She stopped talking long enough to look directly into my eyes. “You don’t believe me. I bet you think I’m silly, don’t you? Well, don’t worry. You don’t have to be my friend.” She turned her chair to roll away.

“Marie, I would like to be your friend. I don’t have friends my age, either, but listen to me, you cannot go around starting rumors about ghosts if you want to make friends.” She looked so unhappy, I felt mean all over again, but she needed to know it was bad to start rumors about other people.

Phyllis Cherry loves to write about her imaginary friends who remind her to tell their stories. She likes to paint watercolor pictures, participate in Bible Studies, and has studied culinary arts and winemaking both in America and abroad.

Phyllis and her husband live on the west coast of Florida where they enjoy the beautiful sunsets and watching the moon rise above the bay.

Phyllis is a member of Florida West Coast Writers, Florida Star Fiction Writers, SCBWI and Florida Writers Association.


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  1. Congratulations on your upcoming release! It sounds like a great book and I love the covers! Thanks for sharing them with me and good luck with your book!

  2. This sounds like a really good read. Nice cover.

  3. I love books with dogs in them, I love that the dog also has a halo so I guess it will live forever,I love my dogs and would want that for them.

  4. "Middle-Grade, YA Fantasy"

    You're never too old to read this genre.