Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Getting back on track, an IWSG Post

Hi everyone. It's close to the first Wednesday of the month, which means it's time for IWSG. If you're not familiar with this meme, it was started by Alex Cavanaugh. It's a group of writers who share their insecurities, encouraging words, and support with each other and our followers. After all, we all become insecure every now and then. If you'd like to join us, great! Click here for more information. 

This isn't really an insecurity. It's more of a promise to myself to spend my writing time increasing the word count on my current project. Lately I've been busy planning writing events and workshops, writing guest posts, participating in blog hops, researching ways to get the word out about my books, and trying to keep in touch with the wonderful people I've met over the blog-sphere that my work-in-progress is suffering from actually having any progress made to it. Last month I decided that I'd unofficially participate in NaNoWriMo. I spent October trying to get ahead on the things I listed. This month I'm going to focus on finishing the first draft of book three in my series. I've already added a cool word count widget to my sidebar. If I'm on target, I should have 7500 words written by the time this post goes live.

If all goes well, and because I like to step away from a project for a few weeks before I dive into revisions, I might use December to write the first draft of something new--maybe the YA novel I've been thinking about or the NA novel I started last spring but never finished. I might just finish revising my middle grade fantasy that has been years in the works. Whatever gets my focus, I want it to be one of my novels and not all the other things that has been eating up my writing time.

How about you? Are you participating in NaNoWriMo? Did you sign up or are you like me and doing it for yourself?

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  1. All those other things certainly take away from the writing! (As I have discovered.) Not participating this year. I still need a solid outline.
    Good luck, Cherie!

  2. Hi Cherie, I decided not to participate in NaNoWriMo because that seems too stressful. I want to keep writing fun. But that's awesome you're making great progress on book three of Embrace! I happened to notice you need to update the "About Me" section of your blog to include Hold Tight. :-)

    1. Hi Jen. Thanks for reminding me! This is the first year I'm trying to follow NaNo. We share see how I do.

  3. Oh right, the "P" is for progress, hehe. Good for you giving your focus to writing this month and next! I'm sort of like you---not signing up for NaNo, but still giving myself the excuse to shove other things aside in favor of working on draft 2 of something I finally finished writing.

  4. Good luck with those 7500 words! Hey, as it's Thursday now, it might be even more :-)

  5. With my debut novel releasing this month there's no way I could do NaNo. I do plan to write a new draft next month tho if poss, cuz ya I'm a glutton for punishment. lol
    Super duper good luck with your projects!!! :D

  6. I have never done this type of joint cheering-on writing, but I think you are using it in just the right way. I believe NaNo is tailor-made to get a stalled engine going again. Go, girl!

  7. Sometimes, we really need to protect our writing time. I hope you get many words out during Nov.! I'm not writing a novel, but will be working on my next play.

  8. Thanks for all the encouraging words! It's been great to have a goal and every day I have added to my word count. It's a great feeling.