Monday, November 11, 2013

Careful What Your Wish For: Hold Tight Excerpt

Hi everyone! I'm over at Crossroad Reviews as part of their Author Fest 2013. I hope you'll stop by to check out the post and enter the giveaway. There's three sets of eBooks for three lucky winners, plus awesome swag to be won. 

I thought it would be fun to share an excerpt from Hold Tight, book two in the series.


Chapter 1
Careful What You Wish For

I figured if I got caught with the little ironclad book, I’d ask him for forgiveness. Really, in the whole scheme of the universe, what was one little spell?

My six-year-old brother and I were home alone, and he was in the family room, engrossed in his favorite cartoon. Dad was stuck at work, again, but tonight that would be to my advantage because I needed privacy to cast the spell.

I grabbed a cereal bowl from the cabinet next to the refrigerator, filled it with a bottle of spring water, and dropped in three acorns and three dried rose petals. One last glance at the incantation, and I was ready. With my hands held palms-up in front of me, I spoke in a low whisper so as not to attract Chase’s attention:

From here to there and nowhere neverwhere
Through Come time and space and ethereal
I call to thee Sanctus majestic
Reedsnap, [Dellis, Rhoswen]

A faint crackle like the crunch of dried leaves under dainty feet seemed to enter the kitchen through the open window. A weak pop-pop-swish slithered by me thereafter, and the sweet aroma of honeydew filled my nostrils. I spun around, expecting to see a bright-eyed faerie with sparkling cheeks and pointy
little ears near the stove, but I was alone. I continued to read:

I beckon thee, come forth!

A soft swish-hum had me glancing around the kitchen again. A cool breeze
stirred the curtains and rippled the water in the bowl. I hurried and closed
the window, but then a quiet buzz traveled around the kitchen like an angry
fly. For a moment, I could have sworn I smelled fresh-cut orchids, but when
I inhaled, the air chilled my lungs, causing me to cough. No matter which
direction I looked, no one was there.

“Finish it,” a disembodied voice whispered eagerly. It was hard to tell if it
was female or male. I swallowed the trepidation that built inside me.

“Finish it,” dared the haunting voice.

When an icy chill clawed its way into my bones, I slammed the book shut.

“I changed my mind,” I whispered. “Go away.”

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  1. Ooh, me like! And disembodied voices are never good... Thx for sharing, I love seeing snippets of other people's work, always enticing. =)

  2. Great snippet and now I'm wondering how she's going to get rid of what she brought forth!

  3. Ohhhhhh! That's tantalizing. I got chills. Honestly, chills.

  4. Eek! Madison is playing with fire. :-)

  5. I feel the icy chills. Fantastic piece.