Thursday, May 25, 2023

Guest Author: Emilia Ramos Samper

I'm delight to welcome Emilia Ramos Samper to my blog. She is a young author of fantasy novel, CROWN OF SCALES AND WONDER. But instead of me telling you more about this talented young lady, I'm going to let her. Please help me welcome Emilia to my blog!

The Story of a Ten-Year-Old Published Author
Emilia Ramos Samper

Hello, my name is Emilia Ramos Samper, and I am the kid author of the fantasy novel Crown of Scales and Wonder. I’m so glad to be here on Cherie’s blog sharing my experience as a young author! Since I published my debut novel, it’s been my mission to support other young writers. The most common question they ask me is: Why write so young? What inspired you to write?

Well, it all started during the pandemic. Ever since I can remember, reading and writing have been my escape from a not-so-perfect world. When I write, I become a different person in a different world. One day after virtual school, I sat down at my computer and started writing an idea that had been stuck in my head. I read it to my family during dinner, and they begged me for the next chapter. Really, I owe my writing success to my family and the quarantine.

Writing was hard, as are so many of the things we love. I would sit down every day and wouldn’t stop until I wrote 1,000 words. Throughout the course of the quarantine, I plunked out every idea in my head. Today, it has taken form as a 240-page fantasy novel with a sequel coming out next year!

While writing, I struggled with imposter syndrome quite a bit: You’re too young. You’re never going to make it as a writer. For this reason, I’ve begun to speak at schools and share my journey with other young people. It is my mission to make sure that no other kid ever feels like they’re alone in the pursuit of their dreams.

The world is a blank page. And it’s never, ever too young to start writing your story.

Crown of Scales and Wonder
Author: Emilia Ramos Samper
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

A princess of dark blood. An agent of a scarred revolution. A kingdom tormented by scale and shadow.

Blurb: In a kingdom torn apart by dark magic and a million-year war, Princess Naomi Elistaire searches for answers amidst the facade of her palace imprisonment. With an irreversible gift ready to destroy her and a martyred father buried in a web of lies, who’s to say which way fate will turn?

Deep underground, Agent Ez Shores trains everyday at the dragon base, waiting for the revolution, the day to kill the Queen. But as dangerous bloodlines reveal themselves and a seemingly suicidal mission is handed to him, Ez finds himself locked in the palace dungeons, facing the daughter of his worst enemy.




About the author:
Emilia Ramos Samper is one of the youngest people to ever publish a novel. She published her debut novel, Crown of Scales and Wonder when she was ten and her second book is coming out this year. She has won 1st place in the LaPlume Young Writer's Contest, as well as the Literary Icon Award at the 2022 LitFest.

Connect with Emilia:

Do you have a favorite fantasy creature?  

Dragons are one of mine!

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