Monday, March 28, 2022

Book Tour & Review: Green Go, Red Stop! by Tara Hill-Starks

I'm delighted to be a host for the Green Go, Red Stop! book tour hosted by Goddess Fish Tours. Tara Hill-Starks will be awarding a $10 Amazon or Barnes and Noble GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour!

Green GO, Red STOP!
by Tara Hill-Starks
GENRE: Children's


JJ and his friend CC venture out into the neighborhood on their bikes. They meet friends and encounter life challenges that make them think about their choices. JJ and CC must make decisions based on kindness, helping others, and honesty. JJ is guided by his fascination of traffic lights and the valuable life lessons his adoring and wise grandmother taught him. Along the way, JJ remembers what he has learned. Will JJ and CC make good choices?

Green GO, Red STOP! is an interactive and fun read for children to learn and understand the concepts of character traits and how important they are in life. The question to the young reader is Green GO, Red STOP! What YOU gonna do off top?


Peek between the pages

We see my elderly neighbor unloading groceries from his car.
He drops the bag and his groceries go everywhere.
He is unable to pick up all the groceries from the ground.
He looks sad. He needs help.

Green GO, Red STOP!

What YOU gonna do off top?

CC and I jump off our bikes to help him.
We gather all the groceries and put everything back in the grocery bag.
My neighbor gives each of us a big red apple to thank us for helping him. “Yummy!”

My Thoughts

Green Go, Red Stop! is infused with friendship and kindness. JJ's grandmother has taught him the importance of caring and affection and he shares these lessons with his friend CC. Together, they show readers how rewarding it can be to choose kindness. The prose and illustrations in this beautiful picture book are delightful.  

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About the author:
Tara Hill-Starks is an education professional with a flair for all things business. A North Carolina native, she has a master’s degree in business administration and is a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Tara shows her grateful and compassionate heart by helping and giving to others. She enjoys living at the beach with her husband and son.

Her first book, Grandma, I Got This! is inspired by teachings she received from her maternal grandmother as a young child. Her second book, Green GO, Red STOP! is enthused by her young son and his love for the outdoors. Both works capture valuable life lessons young children can learn.

Joseph Starks III, the son of the author, is portrayed by the character JJ in Green GO, Red STOP! As an energetic boy, he finds enjoyment in nature and exploring the outdoors by riding his bike through the neighborhood. On the way to and from school each day, JJ shouts “Green GO, Mommy!” when the light is green and “Red STOP, Mommy!” when the light turns red. His joy and enthusiasm are delightful, inspiring the author to create the title and adventures in the book.