Tuesday, January 4, 2022

This is my word... what's yours?


Welcome to 2022! I hope it's off to an amazing start. 

Last year, I set a list of goals, which I will admit I forgot about halfway through the very busy year. Looking back on my goals, I didn't do too badly. The two I failed to achieve and wish I had are to drive somewhere to specifically watch the sunrise and to drive somewhere to specifically watch the sunset. Maybe I'll do both in 2022.

This year, I'm taking a page out of Bryn Donovan's newsletter and choosing a theme word for 2022. My word is...


I used to be easily inspired, which made it easy to be positive and see the cup as half full even when it was almost empty. When I was inspired, I inspired others. But certain events in my life stifled my inspiration. Over the last couple of years, I've worked hard to get back to me. I'm almost there. So in 2022, I aspire to be inspired. And hopefully, I'll inspire others to do the same. 

Do you want to choose a theme word? Did you set goals last year? How did you do? 


  1. In one of my writers' groups we each choose a word at our end of the year meeting. It's always interesting to review those words when we come together the following year. Good idea!

  2. I love your word choice. Inspired charges so much energy on the inside. I hope your every writing dream comes true :)