Tuesday, January 12, 2021

My 20-21 New Year Goals

I'm setting twenty goals for 2021. 

1. Continue to be the courteous, kind, and self-respecting person I want to be. I think I have done well with this over the years, but it never hurts to add it to the list.

2. Strive to be positive, even when things appear bleak. This used to come naturally for me, but events of the past years have made it more of a challenge than I'd like it to be.

3. Focus on the things I can control. One could go mad focusing on the things she can't.

4. Practice zen... I'm really bad at thinking about nothing. But I've heard that clearing the mind can improve physical and mental health. 

5. Perform a random act of kindness every week. 

6. Go on more long walks.

7. Drive somewhere special specifically to watch the sunrise.

8. Drive somewhere else special specifically to watch the sunset.

9. Visit somewhere new every month.

10. Share an Instagram photo every week. By the end of the year, I'll have my 2021 story documented in photos.

11. Provide weekly updates about my writing on my author Facebook page. 

12. Blog at least once a month, and visit others' blogs.

13. Improve my D2 skills for my day job. Those I work with will understand this one.

14. Finish the sequel to Damned When I Didn't's first draft. Then finish revisions and submit the story to my publisher.

15. Find a home for at least one of my middle-grade novels. I have a couple I'm rather fond of and am excited to share with readers. 

16. Excercise five days a week.

17. Eat healthily. 

18. Paint the bedroom. (I had to slip in one home-improvement goal.)

19. Plant more flowers. 

20. Be the best person I can be. 

What are your goals?

Thanks for stopping by. I hope something on my list inspires your 2021 goals. 



  1. Hi Cherie! Love these. Painting the bedroom is on my list, too.