Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Holidays in the Garden: 11 Romances to Read During the Holiday Season

December is the perfect time to curl up with a great romance set during the holiday season. So today, I'm sharing eleven books for you to fall in love with written by fellow Wild Rose Press authors. With heat levels ranging from sweet to spicy, there's something for everyone. Happy reading!

You'll want to check out HIS CANDY CHRISTMAS (Redford Falls Book 1) by Darlene Fredetter for a truly sweet Christmas story.
Heat Level: sweet
Blurb: Who knew returning home would contain a cool nip in the air, irresistible chocolate...and a Santa suit?
Candice Cane is not proud of the way she acted after her last encounter with Jackson Frost. Sure revenge was fun, but now Jackson is angry and looking for answers, and standing on the welcome mat in her chocolate shop. Now he's after some revenge of his own. more...

A WITCH'S HOLIDAY WEDDING by Tena Stetler is a wonderful story to read during the holidays.
Heat Level: PG13
Blurb: Elemental witch, Pepper McKay and former Navy SEAL, Lathen Quartz built Lobster Cove Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Center on enchanted McKay land. Wedding planning goes awry when the couple spends Thanksgiving with family in Colorado, a Maine snowstorm fills the center with injured wildlife, Lathen finds himself drawn into a covert military mission, and Pepper wants to cancel the wedding. more...

CHRISTMAS ONCE AGAIN by D.K.Deters is a magical story for the season. Could a good deed from 1875 lead to romance in the twenty-first century?
Heat Level: Sweet Romance
Blurb: She's dead broke. And eviction looms. On Christmas Eve antique consultant Madison Knight takes a phone call from local rancher Zach Murdock. Through a mix-up at an estate sale, Madison's company purchased his grandmother's beloved painting. He offers double the money for its return. Madison risks her job to track down the artwork, but success falls short when she's stuck in a blizzard. Stranded, she seeks help from a frontier family. Are they living off the grid, or did she somehow travel through time? more...

HOLIDAYS, INC. by Rachelle Paige Campbell is an enemies-to-lovers romance in a charming small-town.
Heat Level: Sweet
Blurb— Former child actress, Danielle “Dani” Winter, left Hollywood to transform an old cinema into a dinner theater. Can one woman’s big idea save a small-town? Holidays, Inc is a fun, exciting, fascinating holiday romance.

THE KEY TO HIS HEART: A Steampunk Christmas Fairy Tale by Barbara Burke is an imaginative, well written,re-telling of a classic fairy tale.
Heat Leve: Sweet
Blurb: Since he was a small child Andre has been treated like a monster because of his mechanical parts - scorned and reviled by children and adults alike. He's learned to hide himself away from people.
Arabella, an airship engineer in training, doesn't believe he's a monster at all. But can she convince him of that? more...

If you are looking for a short, lovely read involving a man, his child and the child’s teacher, WAITING FOR A MIRACLE by Jennifer Wilck is the book for you.
Heat Level: Sweet
Blurb: Benjamin Cohen, widowed father of six-year-old Jessie, is doing his best to hold it together through order and routine. The last thing he needs is his matchmaker mother to set him up with her next door neighbor, no matter how attractive she is. more...

Get your heart fluttering with CHRISTMAS & CANNOLIS by Peggy Jaeger. You'll laugh, you'll chuckle, you might even cry.
Heat Level: Open door sex scene (not erotica)
Blurb: With Christmas season in full swing, baker Regina San Valentino is up to her elbows in cake batter and cookie dough. Between running her own business, filling her bursting holiday order book, and managing her crazy Italian family, she's got no time to relax, no room for more custom cake orders, and no desire to find love. A failed marriage and a personal tragedy have convinced her she's better off alone. Then a handsome stranger enters her bakery begging for help. Regina can't find it in her heart to refuse him. more...

Reuniting with the man who broke her heart has never felt so right. HARMONY'S EMBRACE by Amber Daulton.
Heat Level: 3 flames
Blurb Divorced dad Birley Haynes is too busy raising his children and running his family’s music academy to start a relationship. Then Harmony Holdich, his high school sweetheart, returns home to Willow Springs, Vermont for Christmas and falls into his bed. She brings light and fun back into his life, but he can’t brush aside the threatening incidents around his workplace. more...

Can a romance faked for publicity turn into a real one? Find out in MEET ME AT THE INN by Roni Denholtz.
Heat Level: Sensual/spicy
Blurb: Actress Tarren Reilly is still smarting from being dumped by her former boyfriend--whom she stole from her cousin. Reeling from the pain she has caused, she agrees to a fake relationship for publicity reasons. more...

Does a vampire deserve a Christmas miracle? Decide for yourself in RED SNOWFLAKES by Kristal Dawn Harris.
Heat Level: 3-4 flames
Blurb: Forensic photographer, Dena Williams, has spent her life trained to see what others cannot. Vampire, Dimitri Kovac, has waited every Christmas for a miracle that does not come. In the Oregon wilderness, during a snowstorm, these two destined souls collide. Dena's only hope of survival rests in a vampire with the heart of a poet. Dimitri only has five days to win a skeptical woman's heart. As the Christmas tree lights burn brightly and the snow continues to fall, will Dena succumb to a vampire's charms? With so little time, can Dimitri win her love?

If you're looking for a feel-good book A REGENCY CHRISTMAS ANTHOLOGY by Susan Payne is the book for you.
Heat Level: 4 out of 5
Blurb: A Regency Christmas Anthology brings us charming stories of family loyalty, misplaced intentions, and finding love. The main part – finding love is the true meaning of the season whether among siblings or lovers. Three very different stories show how the magic of the season can bring hope and a new beginning to so many.


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