Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Damned When I Didn't Release Day!

Happy Release Day!

It's here! Damned When I Didn't is now available, and I'm so very excited to share this book with you. I'd like to take a moment to thank my wonderful editor and the many people at The Wild Rose Press who had a hand in bringing this book to you, my talented critique partners whose insight I value, to Giselle at Xpresso Book Tours for organizing the book blitz, and to the amazing bloggers who are participating in the event. I hope you'll celebrate with me by checking out the book. And don't forget to enter the giveaway. Thanks for stopping by!

Damned When I Didn't

Death isn’t the end for eighteen-year-old Avery Williams, and her final resting place isn’t beyond the Golden Gates. No, the Queen of the Damned has plans for her and, unbeknownst to Avery, fought hard to gain possession of her soul.

As Hell’s newest succubus, Avery is expected to siphon life from the living. It only takes a long, meaningful kiss, but for a virgin like Avery, kissing guys she barely knows isn’t something she’s comfortable doing. Avery focuses on the upside of her fate—she’ll be returning home, or so she thinks. When the Queen of the Damned cuts her off from her old life, Avery is determined to find a way back to her family and friends, even if it means facing Hell’s fury if she’s caught.


     His laughter bellowed out of the small bathroom. “You’re going to have to loosen up if we’re going to be living together.” 

     “Do not!” I called back. 

     The shower started, but he’d left the door open. “Succubi are supposed to be promiscuous. Not shriek at the sight of a naked man.” 

     “Well, I’m not most succubi, and you’re not a man,” I retorted. 

     My jaw dropped when I opened the closet and found it stuffed with clothes. The things on the right were obviously Cole’s. A hint of his cologne wafted from them. The left side, however, was crammed with juniors’ jeans, skirts, tops, sweaters—everything I could possibly want and not department store knock-offs. Designer brands that I used to dream of owning. 

     I fanned through the various items, wishing I had time to try them all on. If my best friend knew the road to Hell was stocked with the best clothes, she’d purchase a first-class ticket. 

     “So I’m not a man?” Cole asked from behind me. 

     He leaned against the doorframe, wearing a towel that conveniently hung low enough to emphasize his six-pack abs and the muscles leading to…you know. He didn’t bother to dry off either. His chest glistened with water droplets. 

     “I have parts that beg to differ,” he added.

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  1. Congratulations! I also just saw a review of this book on Katie O'Sullivan's site.

    1. Oh, I haven't seen it yet. I'll have to hop over there. :)