Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Magic: Real or Fictional? You tell me.

Webster’s Definition: an extraordinary power or influence seemingly from a supernatural source.

In The Embrace Series those who possess the magical powers draw upon their emotions when doing spells. They can taste and feel each others' magic. For instance, chocolate covered strawberries kiss Madison Riley's tongue when she draws about positive emotions to cast a spell. Whereas the taste of dirty pennies fills her mouth with she draws upon negative emotions.

While I haven’t mastered the skill to move objects with my mind or manipulate the elements, I like to think there is a little magic in all of us. Some show theirs through their ability to help others, some do it with a stroke of a pen or brush. Still others through sports, medicine, science, a keen eye, the list is endless. 

Do you believe in magic? What would your powers taste like?

(Mine would most likely taste like hazelnut macchiatos when fueled by happiness or love and vinegar when fueled by anger or jealousy.)

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  1. I believe in a spiritual magic.
    My powers would taste like Hot Tamales.