Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Crossroad Demons: Make a deal with the devil

Crossroad Demon
Definition: A demonic being that makes deals with humans in exchange for their souls.

The crossroad demons in The Embrace Series have some control over how many years they take from a human and what deals they make. They have even talked a few humans out of making deals. But Embrace wasn't the first series to mention these creatures from hell.

Robert Johnson sang about crossroad demons in his song Crossroad. Sam and Dean Winchester have dealt with their share of these demonic beings in the TV series Supernatural. And there are people who believe that some celebrities traded their souls for success. Is that even possible? You tell me. 

A better question might be: If you found the location of a crossroad where the veil between worlds was at its thinnest, would you seek out a deal?

Meet the demons in The Embrace Series and discover 
which historical figures they declined to make deals with.

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  1. Not a chance!
    It's always been rumored Alice Cooper made a deal with the devil.

  2. Oh those crossroad demons. They and I are better off never seeing each other. The idea of making a deal is far to frightening.

    1. I agree, and not worth shortening your life for.

  3. Not a chance. If I would have been so inclined, I would have made a deal to become a great writer years ago. :)

  4. I'll keep my soul, thanks, but thank you for sharing this cool video!