Tuesday, February 24, 2015

News, Tips, & Tuesday Teasers: Careful what you wish for. HOLD TIGHT


There's less than two months to the release of ENTWINED, book three in my series. I'm currently in the quiet before the storm. The manuscript is with the copy editor. The cover is with the design department. My publicist is on top of the cover reveal and blog tour. To keep myself busy, I've been focusing on ways to spread the word about the series and working on a new project. Both are going good.

Writing tip:

At my critique meeting this month, Susan Kaye Quinn reminded me that a transition scene - a scene that is important to the plot but doesn't necessarily have a lot of action - should talk about the emotional state of the character at the beginning of the scene and at the end, and that there should be a change in the emotional tension from the beginning and the end. This advice was exactly what I needed to hear to help me recognize what I need to focus on in the scene I shared with the group, and I thought I'd share the tip with my followers.


Today's teaser is from HOLD TIGHT, book two in the Embrace Series. Enjoy!

Teaser 1:

Teaser 2:

He regarded me with the patience that only came with age. I wondered just how old he was, and I was dying to know if his skin was as soft as it looked. More than anything, I really needed him gone for a few minutes because the feeling of vertigo returned.
“Fine. I’ll admit I feel different lately.” I placed my hand flat on his chest and pushed him further away from me. “And it’s worse when you’re this frickin’ close, but you already know that.”

He smirked devilishly.

You can read HOLD TIGHT today
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    1. I am! I'm sure it will be here before I'm ready.

  2. So awesome that the release is getting so close :)

  3. That's a good tip. Thanks for sharing.

    Hey, sounds like you're a pro at this publishing stuff now. I'm sure you'll be calm during the storm.....not.

    Good luck

  4. Less than two months - you must be getting super excited :) :)