Friday, July 25, 2014

Challenging Destiny Blog Tour Sign Up!

I'm very excited about my upcoming spotlight on Fandom MonthlyYou can sign up for the tour and enter the giveaway by clicking the link below the banner.

Click here to sign up today!
About the book...

Being Chosen is a terrible thing when 
there's no one you can trust.
Logan Ragsdale and his younger sister, Ariana, have been marked, chosen to be unwilling participants in a war between angels and demons.

Logan can sense something's not quite right. Like an unexpected chill on a summer's day, he can feel the unseen closing in. He's had these feelings before and, each time, someone close to him died. He's afraid this time it might just be Ariana.

​Logan's fears are soon confirmed when he discovers their new friends aren't human, but rather representatives from Heaven and Hell sent to Earth to ensure he and Ariana accept their roles in an ancient prophecy. Demons want Logan to open the gates of Hell. Ariana has the power to stop them, but if she chooses to side with Heaven to spare the lives of thousands of innocent people, she'll damn her brother for eternity.

Together, they must derail the biblical event if they hope to save themselves and the future of mankind...but what price are they willing to pay to keep the other safe?

On a side note, here's still time to enter to win a $20 gift card in the Challenging Destiny Book Blitz hosted by YA Bound.


  1. Very cool! The tour's in September but the book is out now? Am I reading that right?

    1. Yep. The book is out. The tour is to help spread the word. =)

    2. Crap, I missed the release date!! Epic Ninja Fail. I will mention it on Monday.

    3. And Cherie, did you know you have word verification on?

    4. Thanks, Alex. And I do know I have word verification on. Unfortunately, every time I turn it off I get spanned with emails in the upper twenties a day. Some of those end up comments that don't belong on my blog. I don't know how else to avoid spammers. :(

    5. You can set it to no anonymous comments. When I did that, it eliminated almost all spam. I think I get maybe one a month or every other month now.