Thursday, June 21, 2012

What if? Crazy question of the week #1

I’ve decided to break up the week with regular What if? posts. Since I try to post every Tuesday as it is, I’m going to use Thursday to do this. We’re past hump day, waiting for Friday. At least, I am.

For my first What if? I’m asking, 
What if you had the power to move things with a wave of your hand?

I would totally use this gift all the time. Have you ever been driving and someone pulls out in traffic in front of you only to drive five to ten miles under the speed limit? Not a problem, with a sideways movement of your hand through the air, their car will slide into the next lane. Of course, you’d make sure it was clear first. And how about when you’re in a hurry and the people in front of you are walking really slowly.  Swoosh, and you’ve cleared yourself a path. I’d do good things too. That object you can’t reach, because it’s on the top shelf, I’d scoot it to the edge and have it fall into your waiting hands.

No need to thank me.

How about you? Would you find this power useful?

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  1. I would like to have the power as long as no one else did and government agencies wouldn't try to dissect my brain or anything. :)

    In fact, when we were kids we watched a movie where the kids were telekinetic. My brother took it upon himself to teach me to move things with my mind. lol. He sat me down for hours on end with a pencil in front of me.

    Needless to say it didn't work...*cough*brain dissecting agencies may be listening*cough*.

    1. Oh, good point about the government. We'd have to keep it a secret. Love the story about your brother. Sorry to hear you weren't telekinetic. ;)

  2. Yeah, I could really make use of that power. People here walk as if it's a funeral procession. Too, the traffic in Manila is a veritable nightmare, especially in the afternoons and morning. I'd clear a path and get where I need to go in 15 minutes rather than the normal 1.5 hours.

    Only if.... Sigh.

    1. Rush hour here can be bad too, but it sounds like it's worse there. We can dream. :)

      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. A touch of telekinesis would be cool.

    In the UK I too have issues with people moving slowly especially when I'm food shopping. They always seem to stand at the very place the next item on my shopping list is. A quick wave of the hand and the item I need could be off the shelf and heading for my basket. If it happened to clip an unsuspecting person round the head on the way then so be it :)

    1. LOL -- I bet if you did clip them they'd start watching their surroundings and being courteous to others. :)