Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Teaser Tuesday continued

This was such a fun novel to write. Since it’s a paranormal romance, anything is possible and you never know what will happen when the impossible suddenly becomes part of the everyday.

Today's teaser:

It all happened quickly. We slid through the smoke from the tires. The sound of the semi truck’s brakes locking up drowned out our music. The truck struck the rear driver’s side of our Jeep and passed through us as if it were a hologram. I saw the worn black treads in its tire and the chrome hubcap, then the rusted rim, brake drum, and caliper in a weird sort of 3-D way as we continued through the shocks and suspension bar, through belts and fans and other moving parts of the engine that I never, ever in my life wanted to see like that again.

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  1. Great teaser. Very visual and cool! :)

  2. Okay, there was something very spooky about that teaser. Definitely makes me want more. Great teaser.

  3. The launch is getting so close!! You know that with the way time flies in December 13 days only feels like 6, right?!