Thursday, December 8, 2011

The things we remember

First I'd like to congratulate Crystal Hill and FreakChiq. They won the eCopies of Debra Anastasia's novel Poughkeepsie. Thanks for participating in the Poughkeepsie Come Home Tour giveaway.

Not too long ago, my husband and I were having a late lunch at Joe’s Crab Shack. If you’ve never been think casual dining, fun pictures laminated on top of each table, rolls of brown paper towels in lieu of napkins, a silver bucket for your shells, plastic sharks hanging from the ceiling… you get the picture. We were seated next to a row of tie-dye T-shirts. This reminded me of when I was in fifth grade. It was craft day and we were going to make our very own tie-dye T-shirts. I’d been waiting for this day for two years. Yep, TWO years. Ever since my sister came home with her amazingly bright tie-dye shirt.

It was finally my turn. I remembered to stuff my new white T-shirt into my backpack (no tie-dye socks because I forgot).  I was all set. Only art was at the end of the day and it happened to be on a day when those in orchestra would normally get to leave early.  (Ya, that right there is a little known fact about me; I played the viola for a year, but that’s a whole different story for another day.) I had orchestra every week. Tie-dye day came once in a girl’s grade school career. I figured when the announcement came over the loud speaker telling the students to get on the bus for orchestra practice I’d just pretend I didn’t hear it. Miss the bus. Get to create a colorful shirt. Life was good.

My plan didn’t take in account that my arch enemy had art with me. She was more than happy to scream out CHERIE IS IN ORCHESTRA. SHE HAS TO LEAVE. She then gave me one of those smug looks that lets you know she did it to be mean. I was too young to use profanity, so I made my meanest face and snarled at her as I trudge out of the classroom.

I never did like that girl. Do you know to this day I never got to make a tie-dye T-shirt? I don’t even know why I still remember this. I wouldn’t wear tie-dye now. But sitting in the restaurant surrounded by all the tie-dye shirts made me remember how much I was looking forward to that project.

I suppose I should forgive and forget, but considering how I still remember how awful I felt that day, I think it’s safe to say that’s just not going to happen anytime soon.

Have you ever wanted something really bad? You waited patiently for your turn only to have it snatch from your grasp moments before it was yours? 

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  1. That story slays me! What a mini-bitch that girl was. I can totally see how exciting tie-dying a shirt would be and that's a bummer you missed out, especially since you wouldn't be caught dead in one now, ha ha. Can you still play the viola? Maybe in retrospect you got the better end of the deal by going to practice that day. ;) I know I really wanted an Atari system as a kid but never got one. Instead, I read. Hmm, sounds like I got a better deal too, because reading helped me become an author!

  2. Aww. You ought to find that girl's Facebook account and link this post there, haha. Also, you should totally tie die a whole bunch of things---you can give them as Christmas gifts!

    The example that come to mind for me is how badly I wanted to go to Yakitori House at Epcot during our recent trip to Disney. My son and I had talked about it for months ahead of time. Then we trudged across the park in the pouring rain only to find the place was closed for renovations. :/ Luckily I'm old enough to swear - it helped tremendously. :)

  3. Jen, I forgot everything I learned about the viola by the time I hit Junior High. Sort of sad, but that year in orchestra made me realize it really wasn't my thing. I did get to see the hot high school guy that day. He was always so nice to me. It's great you turned your love for reading into a career. :)

    Nicki, I never thought to look her up. I would, but then she'd know she got to me and that would be like letting her win. (God, I'm eleven all over again. Tie-dye just doesn't bring out the best in me.)

    Sorry you didn't get to see Yakitori. And yes, swearing does help.