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Peek Between the Pages of Isaac & the Prince of Fae

Isaac and the Prince of Fae starts before Embrace and before Isaac meets Madison Riley, the heroine in the series. It chronicles an important week in Isaac’s past. The hunt for the legendary sea creature and the events that followed are briefly mentioned in Hold Tight. These events shaped Isaac in a major way and are the reason he preaches control and the use of positive emotions to fuel magic.

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Peek between the pages...

”Breathe!” I screamed as I administered CPR to my friend James. Our boat bobbed like a forgotten inner tube off the Massachusetts coast, making it difficult for me to keep the chest compressions even. The frantic screams coming from nearby boats faded. I wiped rain from my eyes and blew into James’ mouth.

“Try a locator spell to find Serpie,” he had said a few minutes earlier. “Use sonar the way whales and dolphins do.”

Only, I hadn’t been focused. Hadn’t taken the time to draw upon positive emotions to fuel my powers before casting the spell. Magic had exploded out of me, resulting in waves that swelled to heights of five feet. I panicked, cast another spell hoping to counter the first, and inadvertently conjured a storm that darkened the skies and roiled the waters to rival Hurricane Katrina. James was thrown over‐ board. Thankfully, I had been able to scoop him out of the water with a rescue pole.

Son of a bitch! He can’t die. Not like this.

I breathed into his mouth. Waited a second. Went back to chest compressions, our conversation from the day before streaming in my mind.

“Come on, Isaac,” James had said, begging me to go with him on his insane hunt for the infamous sea serpent believed to haunt Gloucester Harbor. “With your magic, my knowl‐ edge of the area, and my uncle’s boat, we’ll be the ones to find old Serpie. We’ll prove to the world she exists. It’ll be fun.”

This was anything but.

The boat pitched, slamming me backward into the star‐ board side. Anger at the weather, at myself for causing it, and at James for not waking the hell up gripped me. I threw my hands up and screamed in frustration. “Enough already!”

For the third time, uncensored magic exploded out of me. Threads of power pierced the sky, traveling through the clouds like wildfire. Blood-orange and purple streaks devoured the gray cover, leaving behind a blue palette so pale it was almost void of color. The water calmed. The scent of burnt steel caught in my throat. My powers had never smelled this vile, but I’d never used fear and fury to fuel them, until now.

About the Book

Isaac and the Prince of Fae
Genre: YA Fantasy, Adventure
Book length: Novella

Isaac knows the importance of fueling his magical powers with positive emotions. It’s been the simplest of rules to follow until now.

When Heather, a fellow witch, begs Isaac to help her reverse a spell that brought a vindictive faerie into the human realm, Isaac has no choice but to assist. He’s sure there’s a peaceful compromise to her prince of a problem. Only Heather hasn’t been entirely truthful about why this dangerous faerie refuses to leave. He’s even more powerful than Isaac. That is, if Isaac doesn’t tap into dark magic. When the faerie threatens to harm the people Isaac cares about, he abandons civility. He’ll burn down the faerie realm to protect his loved ones—if the faerie doesn’t kill him first.

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