Friday, October 14, 2022

Something Spooky This Way Comes: Books for Fall

Autumn is my favorite time of year. The weather is cooler, the leaves are changing colors, and Halloween is just around the corner. In honor of all things that go bump in the night, I have seven spooky reads for you. From time-traveling wizards to ghosts and werewolves. These are all on my TBR List. 

Title: Shadows Across Time
by Mariah Lynne
Genre: Paranormal Time Travel Romance

When a royal wizard casts a spell that sends Danielle deforest back to 1559, she learns she’s the crucial link for a royal spell. Her only hope is a fortune-telling mannequin. But if the wizard discovers their plans to escape, he’ll destroy them all.

Why Mariah loves this time of year: With no seasons in Florida, we love to overdecorate, have large Halloween parties, and wear costumes.

Title: Divine Vintage
Series: First in a new series
by Sandra L. Young
Genre: Ghosts and psychic visions

Ghostly visions linked to an Edwardian bride’s trousseau drive Tess to investigate a century-old crime-of-passion. While he’s drawn to her, the handsome descendant of the accused husband isn’t thrilled at plunging into the mind-blowing images. Emotions from the past bring them together - and may drive them apart.

Why Sandra loves this time of year: Besides the beauty of fall and the tang of pumpkin spice, I love a little ghostly sizzle!

Title: Scarlet at Crystal River
Series: Haunted Shores Mysteries
by Randy Overbook
Genre: Paranormal Mystery

Darrell and Erin thought they were heading to Florida for a carefree honeymoon, but the ghosts of two immigrants children haunt them, pleading for help.

Why Randy loves this time of year: There is no better time than when the crisp autumn air meets the foggy haunted nights of October.

Title: Fatal Hunt
Series: The Fatal Series Book One
by Michelle Godard-Richer
Genre: Romantic Thriller

After surviving the wrath of a serial killer, Jessica believes her misfortunes are over. She's reunited with her first love, Jon, and they‚ are living happily ever after on their ranch in Montana. That is until secrets, lies, and a formidable foe from Jon's past emerge to shake the foundation of their relationship, forcing them to flee for their lives.

Why Michelle loves this time of year: Fall is my favourite time of year because the trees are colourful and it's horror book and movie season.

Title: Haunted Serenade
Series: Haunted Harlem
by Anna M. Taylor
Genre: Contemporary Gothic Romance

What is a ghost except a longing that will not die or a love that has yet to be born? When an unseen force manifests itself during a family reunion Anora Madison must turn to the man whose heart she broke for help.

Why Anna loves this time of year: Indian summer. The unexpected warmth coupled with the colors of autumn always warms my heart.

Title: Moonlight Becomes You
Series: The Eidola Project
by Robert Herold
Genre: Horror

The Eidola Project investigates murders in a Black community rumored to be caused by a werewolf. The KKK objects to the team's activities, and the group is falling apart. Can they defeat the evil that surrounds them? Winner of Best novel award from the Southeastern Writers Association. On sale! $0.99

Why Robert loves this time of year: I love the creative decorations and the Halloween spirit!

Title: Spooky Tutti Frutti
by Margaret L. Carter

A midsummer sailboat race is coming to Annapolis, and Celia's 1950s-themed ice cream parlor will have a booth at the waterfront celebration. She receives unexpected help from a part-time worker who pops up out of nowhere. Suzie proves to have an almost magical gift for the craft of artisanal ice cream, yet she acts clueless about some ordinary details of everyday life. And why is she so determined to churn up the perfect batch of tutti frutti?

What Margaret loves about this time of year: Since I specialize in vampires, having written many vampire novels and stories as well as nonfiction books and articles about vampires in literature, naturally I'm a big fan of Halloween.

Have you read any of these books? Do you have a favorite book featuring things that go bump in the night? Let me know in the comments


  1. Great picks. I've read two of them and already have two on My kindle waiting. Considering the many little time. Enjoy!

  2. Thanks so much for the chance to share, Cherie. Next to summer this is my favorite time of year.