Thursday, April 2, 2015

Cover Reveal: ENTWINED (Embrace book 3)

Look what I can finally share...

(This is close to the image that leaked out last month, so if you're thinking you've seen it you'd be right. But the final design is crisper and the coloring has been toned down on this version to fit the tone of the character that the image represent. I hope you like it!)

Book 3 in the Embrace Series
Releases April 14th

It's not too late to join the release day celebration.

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About the book:

Only a few months after embracing her magical powers, defeating a dark witch, and banishing a faerie prince back to his realm, sixteen-year-old Madison Riley is back in book three of the Embrace series—and doing the bidding of a demon. She has no choice but to do so if she wants him to honor the deal they made to save the life of someone she loves. Twenty years of service to a creature of hell is a big price, but one she’s willing to pay. And it sure beats the alternative: selling her soul.

But life gets complicated when you’re the beck-and-call witch of a crossroad demon. Caden, the demon she serves, wants to become master of Death Himself, and with Madison at his side he has the means to do it.

It’s up to Madison and her coven to foil his plans, but Caden’s intentions aren't entirely evil—and the kisses he seals his deals with aren’t too bad either. As Caden's motives test Madison’s trust, his shameful flirting tries her boyfriend Isaac’s patience. But being caught between two supernatural hotties is perhaps the least of her concerns when the coven’s interference in Caden’s plot might just cost Madison her life and unleash hell on earth.

Special thanks to the design team at Omnific Publishing for creating a cover that fits in nicely with the other books.

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  1. The cracked earth is so cool. Congratulations!

  2. Evocative cover. Nice. My next release is May 11th. I could promo your book the 20th if that works. Maybe we can swap? mpaxauthor at gmail dot com
    Untethered Realms

  3. LOVE the new cover!!! Congrats on the upcoming release!

  4. Awesome! April 14th isn't far away. Congrats, Cherie! :)

    1. I have a feeling I'm going to blink and it will be here. =)

  5. So exciting! Congrats on another book! :)

  6. Wow. It's fantastic! Congratulations. :)

  7. Really cool cover... it's gorgeous. Congrats.