Monday, October 6, 2014

Week Two: Ghosty Goodness #Giveaway

Week Two: Ghosty Goodness : Win Books by Tera Shanley, Sarah Glover and Rumer Haven.

SHRIEK! It’s Week Two of our month long Halloween takeover to celebrate Love At The End of Days by Tera Shanley, and this week we have books to win with hot rockers, 1920’s razzle dazzle, and of course, GHOSTS! Check out the Rafflecopter and enter to win!

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Click the cover for more details about each book.

If you could be haunted by a ghost from any era, what would it be? 1940s? Renaissance times? A modern ghost who haunts your texts?

Don’t forget to add Love At The End Of Days to your TBR and check back every week for new, spooky good prizes! 

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  1. A ghost from the middle ages would be cool.

  2. Is it possible I could not be haunted but instead have a huge chunk of money deposited into my bank account mysteriously, preferably with a note that says the money is legally mine to do with as I please? LOL!

  3. Who says I'm not haunted right now? Okay, I'm teasing, and I love the book idea.

    Anna from Shout with Emaginette

    1. I don't think I could handle being haunted. I have weird enough dreams. I really don't need a ghost adding to my already active imagination.

  4. Thanks so much for letting my zombies come over for a visit! :D

  5. October and Halloween are my favorite times of the year, so this is the perfect time for a blog tour. A ghost from the middle would be great, but I'd always prefer a English ghost no matter what time it came from.