Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Feature & Excerpt: Twice Upon a Time by James Riley

I'm pleased to welcome James Riley back to my blog. The last time James visited we talked about HALF UPON A TIME, James shared with us how he came up with this laugh out loud series, and told us which fairy tale he'd be transported to if he could choose just one. You can read that interview by clicking here

In TWICE UPON A TIME Jack, May and Phillip are back and in graver danger than before. They get caught in a war between pirates and mermen, hunted by the Big Bad Wolf and a new mysterious villain, and get trapped in the Land of Never, where no one grows up and everyone can eat chocolate all day. And while my first thought is I'd be okay with eating chocolate all day, James has already told me that it's worse than it sounds.

by James Riley

Little mermaids and normal-sized pirates always create the biggest of problems. After the surprise revelations of HALF UPON A TIME, Jack, May and Phillip could use the help of a fairy godmother or two on their search for May's true identity. Only, there might be a snag: The entire Fairy Homelands have been put to sleep by an evil curse, and waking them could be hard. That's only if by hard, you mean escaping from the Land of Never, braving a merman-infested ocean to find a Sea Witch, then fighting alongside the pirate Bluebeard against an army of land-invading sharks with legs, all while trying to outwit one of the Wicked Queen's Eyes who seems to know your every move. So, yeah, a bit hard. 

But what fun would an easy fairy tale be?

TWICE UPON A TIME is the second book in the HALF UPON A TIME series.


The mermaid sighed. "Needless to say, my father wasn't thrilled. In fact, he was so not thrilled with a human stealing away his youngest daughter that he went up after her, took her back, and closed off our world to humans forever."

"That seems a bit extreme," Jack pointed out.

"Welcome to my father," the mermaid said.

I'll be watching for book 3, ONCE UPON THE END. James was kind enough to share the cover and synopsis with us:

by James Riley
Expect release: May 7, 2013

Things haven't been ending happily. (Spoiler) just left to become a (spoiler). (Spoiler) went to live with her Evil Stepmother. And (spoiler) (spoils) (a whole bunch of spoilers)! Is there anything that hasn't been spoiled in the fairy tale world at this point? Especially when we know that between Jack and Phillip, one will betray May, and one will die? ONCE UPON THE END ... if nothing else, "The End" is right there in the title. And that's a promise! 

HALF UPON A TIME                                  TWICE UPON A TIME

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I'd like to thanks James for being with us today and for providing the excerpt, cover art, and synopses!

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