Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Need your mini-synopsis critiqued?

This offer now closed, but check back later, I'll being doing it again. 

Back by popular demand, I'm offering to critique for free the first six mini-synopses received.

What is a mini-synopsis? It’s the blurb in a query letter that summarizes a story in less than 200-words.

I know how important it is to have a query letter that is well written and intriguing, something that will make your query standout in a crowded inbox. If you're ready to submit to agents or editors and would like a fresh set of eyes to take a look at your blurb, I'd be happy to read it and offer my thoughts.

What’s the catch?
  1. Your submission is limited to 200-words. This mini-synopsis is for the query letter and should be a concise summary of your story.
  2. I would really appreciate it if you’d help me spread the word about this offer and about my blog.
  3. This is a limited time offer. Submissions will be open for three days or to the first six people to respond, whichever comes first.
How can you participate?
  1. Send an email to [link removed]
  2. Put the words “Query blurb” in the subject line of your email.
  3. Include in the body of your email the title of your book, targeted audience, genre, and the mini-synopsis.
Your submission should look something like this:

     Title: The Chocolate Made Them Do It
     Audience: Young adults
     Genre: Romance

          Jessica swears it’s not her fault the entire football team now hangs on her every word or that Mike, the hottest guy in school, won’t stop calling her. She used to be just another fourteen-year-old trying to survive freshman year. That changed when she shared a box of chocolate peanut clusters that she swiped from the top shelf of her grandmother’s pantry…

Your mini-synopsis will remain private as long as you submit to the email address above. At no time will I repost it on my blog or website. Responses will be sent directly to the submitter.

The last time I made this offer, the response was great, so don't delay.


  1. There's one more spot left if someone is interested.

  2. This is so good to know, Cherie. I will definitely keep you in mind when I get to writing a synopsis for the second book in The Forged Series and the novella in my new sci-fi series :-)