Thursday, July 26, 2012

Swoon Thursday, July 26th

It's Thursday, which means it's time for Swoon Thursday hosted by the girls over at YABound.

Here's how it works: From the book you're currently reading, or one you just finished, tell us what made you SWOON. What got your heart pounding, your skin tingling, and your stomach fluttering.

Shout it out on Twitter with the hashtag #YABound, post it here in the comments, or grab the adorable button above and share it on your blog! Don't forget to stop byYABound to read what got them swooning!

The book I'm reading right now doesn't have any swoon worthy moments, so I decided to share another one from Shift.

     His lips left mine again, but only to shift to the edge of my jaw. “Should’ve given you another chance,” he said, his breath coming hard, “talked to you again before I called her.” 
     “You gave me way too many changes. You should’ve just done this.”
      He murmured in agreement, moving his mouth to my neck right below my ear. His fingers threaded through my hair, tingling my scalp. I shivered in a full-on body quake.

How about the book your reading, any swoon worthy moments?


  1. The book I just finished didn't have a lot of swoon-worthy in it. But this excerpt you provided today certainly gave me an extra pitter-pat :-)

  2. Nice! That is def swoon-worthy right there <3

    1. It's one of my favorites from the book, obviously. :)

  3. Thanks Cherie for great swoon! Love this series! :)

  4. That had my toes curling!
    Amazing Swoon!

    Thank you for stopping by and checking out My Swoon

    Magen Corrie
    ~Corrie the book,crazed girl

  5. There are many swoon worthy moments in Destiny's Fire but I'm too lazy to go upstairs to get my iPad to share them! Maybe another day. ;) But I'm really enjoying it.

    1. Destiny's Fire is on my shelf waiting for me to grab it. It's been crazy lately, I'm getting further behind on my TBR list.

  6. Well that was a great swoon,. I'll have to read this soon! Thanks for stopping by My Swoon

    Teresa @ Readers Live A Thousand Lives