Tools and terms every witch should know: The Magic in the EMBRACE SERIES

There are several tools and terms that a practicing witch needs to know. Below are just a few that appear in the Embrace Series. To learn even more about the Powers and the magic in the series, be sure to click here. 

Tools and terms:

Athame—knife used in magic
Chalice—goblet or drinking vessel with a stem and base.
Circle—a protected space created by the Powers used to practice magic
Coven—a group of people who possess the Powers
Crystal balls—a clear glass or crystal ball used as a medium for scrying. Often used by a person who is clairvoyant to communicate with spirits or to gain information on a person, location, or an object.
Curse—the use of witchcraft to cause trouble or bad luck for another person, or the condition that results in such use of magic.
Divination—the art or practice of discovering hidden knowledge with the aid of supernatural powers.
Four elements—air, earth, fire, and water
Hex—used in witchcraft often to cause harm to others
Hex bags—a small pouch used to hold various items needed to cast a hex
Iron—a natural metal used for protection against faerie and other supernatural creatures
Scrying—the art of looking into an object or medium with the goal of seeing the past, present or future, or to gain knowledge about a person, location, or an object.
Spell—spoken words used to have magical power

Magical talismans in the Embrace Series:

Hemp Bracelets—used to bind the summoning spell cast in book one. Connects members of a coven’s wills, allowing them to call each other without the need of a phone.
Kaylee and Madison’s bronze necklaces—the bronze heart protected the wearer against evil and the different strings of beads dangling from the base of the charm offer their own benefits: blue for inspiration, green for growth, and yellow for courage.
Poppets—a small figure or doll that represents a person. Used in witchcraft and other forms of magic.
Scrying bowls—a shallow bowl filled with watered used to scry.

Color Magic:
Blue—infinity, peace, inspiration eternity, truth, hope, dreams, and imagination
Dark blue—tranquility, truth inspiration
Green—healing, growth, money, luck, faith
Light blue—wisdom, intuition, patience, harmony
Pink—friendship, harmony, affection
Red—energy, passion, courage, love
Sea Green—ward against jealousy, anger
Turquoise—awareness, protection against bad influences
Yellow—warmth, joy, courage, creativity, and self confidence
Black—ward of negative energy

White—purity, truth, protection, innocence

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